55 Monday Quotes That Will Make You Look Forward to Mondays

To be honest, no one likes Mondays, so these quotes are highly useful for everyone.

Happy Monday Quotes

It’s another beautiful Monday. Don’t forget to rise from bed feeling determined and ready to slay!


In case you forgot what day it is today, it’s Monday. It’s time to hit the road and take over the world.


Be the person who decides to just go for it. Hope you have a great Monday and a wonderful week ahead.


This smile on my face does not mean that I have a perfect life. It just means that I have a good appreciation for all the things and people I have been blessed with. This smile means I choose to be happy!


It’s another Monday. Just remember that no matter how slow you go, it does not matter as long as you don’t stop!


Another Monday, another chance to get it right. You’ll be just fine by growing through what you go through.


Did you know that you will never have this exact same day ever again? That’s why you need to make it count!


Whenever you feel like giving up and getting out, remember that you were given this life because you are strong and brave enough to live it. Have a great Monday!


Keep making progress no matter how little it may seem, because every bit of effort adds up to major results. Here’s to winning on Mondays!


Don’t let the pain of the past and your worry of the future ruin your joy today. Remain positive because today can be the best day of your life. Happy Monday!


Whatever you decide to do today, make sure that it makes your heart and soul happy.


Remember that a great day begins with a great mindset.


It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day. Spread your happiness everywhere you go!


Do what you love and what you are passionate about and you will never have problems with Monday.


Whenever you feel like quitting, just think about the reason why you started. Here’s to a fantastic Monday!


If you think big, you receive big as well. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.


Every day carries the possibility of a miracle. Rise and shine! Good morning!


Take care of this person looking back at you in the mirror because she is capable of doing extraordinary things!

Funny Monday Sayings

It’s all fun and games until Monday rolls around and you need to take a shower again. Good luck beating those Monday blues!


If every day is a considered a gift, can someone please tell me where I can return Mondays?


I’m not lazy. I’m just someone who’s waiting for inspiration to strike. Maybe try again next Monday?


Did you know that going to sleep on a Sunday night will result in Monday? And that staying awake all Sunday night will not prevent Monday, either. In other words, we are all doomed!


This is definitely the Mondayest Monday that ever Mondayed in the history of all Mondays.

Monday Morning Quotes

Winning your daily battles starts with having the right frame of mind. Get your mind right and success will easily follow. Hello Monday!


Start your day with a positive thought and you will be ending it with a magical ending. Breathe, enjoy, and love the gift that is today.


Having purpose, no matter how big or small, is a truly wonderful alarm clock.


This morning, you get another chance to be different, to change, and to be better. Forget about yesterday and focus on today. Good morning, Monday!


Today, do what other people won’t so that tomorrow you can do what other people can’t!


Did you know that the most dangerous place for you is in your safety zone? Leave it and learn more today.


If you’re going to rise this morning, you might as well shine, too! Have a great Monday!


Don’t be afraid to stumble. You can make that stumble a part of your dance. Keep slaying and shining.


Maybe this part of the day is your least favorite, but don’t forget that every day is a wonderful gift. It’s up to you to make the most of it!


Monday mornings are powerful reminders that you are blessed beyond measure, and that you are capable of being anyone you want if you’re willing to work hard.


When life gives you Mondays, sprinkle them with sparkle so that you will shine all day.


Only you can decide whether this Monday will suck or not. Have the winning attitude and you will be surprised how days will just go by smoother and faster!


Every morning, you have another chance to make a better and happier version of yourself. Don’t waste this one!


Have a great Monday! May this day overflow with blessings and wonderful memories.


Every day is possibly the best day of your life. It’s up to you to make it happen. Have a wonderful Monday!

Monday Night Quotes

It may have been a bad day or a good day. At the end of the day, all is good.


There’s no better feeling than sitting back at the end of a long day and feeling proud of all that you have done. Tomorrow is another day to shine! Good night.


At the end of the day, your hair should be ruffled and your toes should be aching, but your heart should also be full and your eyes sparkling!


It’s been a long day. All that truly matters is that your loved ones are safe and well, and you’re grateful for all that you have.


Take a breath and choose whether to focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s keeping you together. The days after today will depend on it.


Sometimes all you can do is go to bed and sleep. It will all be better in the morning.


At the end of the day when the world is asleep, and you are finally alone with your thoughts, you will start to realize how tiny your problems truly are.


Before you go to sleep tonight, think of all the great moments of this day. They will put a smile on your face when you wake up tomorrow morning.


As you end your day, release all your fears, pains, and worries. Be grateful for the day that was and sleep in sweet peace. Good night!


Today has been another day well spent. I am at peace because my intentions are good, and my heart is filled with love.


Remember that it’s not about what you have achieved or accomplished. It’s about who you’ve helped, made better, and lifted up. It’s about what you’ve given back to the universe!

Funny Monday Quotes

I hate it when I lose things like keys, hair ties, pens, Post-Its, sanity, dreams, weekends…


Why do I have a feeling that this week will just look like different versions of Mondays?


I’d gladly take any Friday the 13th over Monday the whatever anytime!


Something really gross happened earlier today; I stepped on a gigantic pile of Monday!


Waking up is one thing. Getting out of bed for work is another!


I wish there was an app that can skip Mondays and fast forward to the weekend. I’m not rich but I’d fund it.

Positive Monday Quotes to Inspire You

The things that you do every day are more important than the things that you do every now and then. Since Mondays are always here, make the most of it and make it a Monday to remember!


When you have unsupportive feelings about Monday, simply relax and take a deep breath. Monday will soon be over!


If you want to achieve your dreams and be successful in life, you have to love Mondays and your work.


Begin your Monday with a positive thought and it will be so hard to feel negative the rest of the week.


Monday mornings are the best time to get a new perspective. Whatever challenges you may be going through, know that they are only temporary!


You know what day it is today? It’s Monday, which means that it’s time to run the world.


I’m happy that it’s Monday. I’m blessed, and I have everything that I will ever need. I’m going to do incredible things this week.


I know that everyone dreads Mondays, but I like to think differently. I like to focus on the positive. I’m lucky that I have a job to wake up to on Mondays because so many others don’t. I’m blessed to have somewhere important to go to every day and worthwhile things to do. It’s all just a matter of perspective.


It’s not about how fast or slow you go, or how many things you get right or wrong. At the end of the day, you will still be ahead of anyone who is not even trying.


Keep your heart open to new goals and fresh dreams. As long as you keep dreaming, there will always be hope. And as long as there is hope, there will always be joy.


Set a goal every Monday to be so happy and excited that when others see you, they will have no choice but to be happy and excited, too. Spread the positive vibes at the start of the week and you will have the best week!


It may be Monday, your least favorite day of the week, but that’s okay. There’s still so much to be grateful for.


Give thanks. Smile at strangers. Say a kind word to a stranger who looks sad or stressed out. Close your eyes and feel the positive energy around you. Enjoy every second. Have a truly amazing Monday!


It’s a brand-new day and a fresh new week. Do Monday right and you will have the best week ever. Hustle hard and accomplish great things.


Choose to be yourself. Choose happiness, love, and positivity. Whatever stressful or challenging thing you need to do today, see yourself doing it effortlessly and triumphantly. Happy Monday!


I know that you don’t like Mondays all that much. At least Monday only happens once a week.


If you look at it from a different perspective, you will realize that Monday is the best day to correct all your mistakes from the previous week. Good morning, Monday!

Happy Monday Images

Happy Monday

The best way to combat the Monday blues is to feel good the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

It may be very challenging for most people after a really late and fun-filled weekend, but it’s important that you set off your week to a good start.

The best way to do this is to set your alarm a little earlier than usual so that you don’t end up making a mad scramble to do everything before leaving the house.

It’s still possible to do your morning weekend routine on a Monday morning if you wake up early!

Happy Monday

For some people, a lot of things will not make sense until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee.

For others, just the smell of good coffee can instantly dissolve all Monday-related blues!

Treat yourself to a fresh and hot cup to shake off the lingering sleep and to successfully ignore the call of the bed.

This caffeine jolt will instantly perk you up and get you ready to accomplish all your Monday tasks.

Happy Monday

Sometimes all you need to have is the right perspective so that you will change how you feel about Mondays!

As soon as the day breaks and the morning alarm sounds off, take a breath of appreciation and gratitude. Not everyone is given the chance to live another day and make a difference.

Sit in silence for a few minutes and think about everything good that you have in your life, and all that you can still achieve once you truly begin your day.

Happy Monday

Mondays are still good days if you just know where to look!

Everyone is just so busy rushing off to work or to school that you already feel physically, emotionally, and mentally stressed even before your day has officially begun.

But when you take a moment to feel the sun on your face, hear the crash of the waves in the ocean, or listen to the song of the birds, everything will simply take a different and more relaxed turn.

Appreciate the wonder of nature, especially if you spend most of your time living in the concrete jungle!

Happy Monday

Your Monday morning drive or commute to work need not be dull and monotonous.

Give yourself a little treat by taking the longer but more scenic route.

Take off your eyes from your phone and look out the window to see your city waking up.

Play your favorite song and play it loud. If you’re alone in the car, you can sing at the top of your lungs.

But if you’re in a crowded bus or train, perhaps a little jig should suffice?

Monday Memes

Happy Monday

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. Time flies even faster when you’re dreading something!

Everyone dreads Mondays because it’s the beginning of another long week at work doing something that you’re paid to do.

A lot of people love their job, but a lot of people also hate theirs.

The trick here is to pack in as much rest as you can in your two-day weekend so that you don’t feel like the weekend didn’t even happen!

Happy Monday

There’s no scientific research backing this, but people mysteriously fall sick the most on Mondays.

It seems to be a very common occurrence in people who work jobs that they hate or work with people that they can’t stand.

Mondayitis even worsens when you have an important meeting, a big presentation, a deadline, or a conference call.

The only cure seems to be a very long weekend, a week-long vacation, or working in an office without a boss around.

Happy Monday

No matter how much you complain about Mondays and how much you hate them, they are as constant as the waves in the ocean, the sun in the sky, and the bills that you have to pay each month.

The feeling of dread will dissipate as soon as you hit the road and log in to your office computer, though.

The only way you can overcome your Monday dread is to look forward to the weekend and remind yourself the reasons why you need your job in the first place!

Happy Monday

Just the thought of Monday is enough to make you feel exhausted.

Don’t you just wish that you can get money without having to work for it? Or only when you feel like working for it?

If there were longer weekends, you’d probably hate Mondays less. You’d probably be even excited to go back to work because you’re running out of things to do on the weekend!

The Monday laziness will disappear for sure as soon as you see how much work you’ve got to do before the day ends.

Happy Monday

It’s hard to look gorgeous on Mondays when all you want to do is sleep all day, watch Netflix in your pajamas, and eat greasy pizza.

But as responsible adults, you need to show up looking your best and ready to make a killing, even if you’d just rather be the world’s laziest and shabbiest looking person.

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