45 of the Most Lovely Cute Memes… Ever

There’s nothing sweeter and more beautiful than love…

You’re having a really crappy day and then someone sends you a really cute meme that makes you smile or giggle in spite of the current mood you’re in.

That’s a really special meme that’s supposed to be forwarded and passed around to save other people from their miserable moods.

Here are some other great examples of lovely and cute memes that are sure to make you smile because they are so true.

13 Lovely Cute Memes for Your Crush


When you’ve already found the person that you want to crush on for the foreseeable future, it’s quite hard to stop thinking about anyone else. It’s hard to focus on anything else, too.

The only thing that you can focus on is finding ways to make them realize you exist, and that you are a wonderful person to fall in love with!


We all have that best friend who’s too chatty and friendly for their own good. You love them so much for supporting you and helping you sound more lovable and wonderful than you really are in front of your crush.

But sometimes they go too far and start telling lies even people who don’t know you will not believe. Hence, the need to shut them up with whatever you can use to prevent further embarrassment on your part.


A simple text from your crush asking you about your plans today can be the most mind-boggling question you’ll ever be asked.

Do you answer ‘nope, no plans for today’ at the risk of sounding unexciting and too available?

Or do you answer ‘just hanging out with my family’ or ‘just catching a movie with friends’ at the risk of them saying ‘it’s okay, maybe some other time’ and losing a great opportunity to go out on a date with them?


Sometimes you just ask yourself how can someone be this gorgeous and nice and kind and smart, and how come they are not completely, head over heels in love with you?

Life is really not fair sometimes, you know.


Let’s just wait for his friends and family to like that post first, and then you can heart it and spend the next two hours scrolling through his feed.


If only your crush knew how much they pop up in your head, how much you talk about them to your friends, and how much you have daydreamed about the two of you being hopelessly in love with each other. They will probably think you’re crazy or something.


What does this like even mean? Do they want to send a secret message of some sort that they like you, too?

Does it mean that they liked the post because it had great composition, or lighting, or subject, and nothing more?

Or did they just accidentally click on like? Maybe someone else was using their phone and did something like that to get a reaction from you? No one will ever know, unless you are brave enough to ask!


It may only have lasted for half a second. But you swear on your puppy dog’s life that your eyes locked and you shared a brief moment of love and longing.


Sometimes you just want to shake someone so hard until their eyes roll over to the back of their heads and finally realize that you like them more than a friend.

Sometimes you just want to scream their head off so that they will finally look at you as more than a friend. If only they weren’t so dense.


To think that you woke up extra early to do your hair and put on makeup that looks like you’ve got no makeup because you’re just naturally pretty like that.

You also feel sorry for the fantastic OOTD that you know you will not wear again anytime soon.


You were so ready to move on from this crush. And then it happens, like you two are cosmically connected.

They finally text just when you’re ready to get over your crush on them. There is a God and miracles happen!


To save yourself from this kind of embarrassment in the future, look to your left, to your right, and to your back to make sure they’re really waving at you. If you’re sure they are, then put that most beautiful smile on and gave a cute wave back!



It can truly crush your soul and break your heart to know that all the wonderful things that transpired between you and your crush all happened in a dream.

10 Lovely Cute Memes for Your Boyfriend


Love can be very confusing and complicated. It can be ambiguous and bewildering.

But sometimes, it can also be simple and easy, especially when you can truly and honestly say that love is the person you’re in a relationship with!


How can you fall asleep like that when I haven’t even told you how much you mean to me and how I’m looking forward to spending another day with you tomorrow?


Guys are supposed to take all the roasting because they do it all the time with their guy friends. They should never retaliate with girlfriends, unless they want to be single again in the next fifteen minutes.


You just want to be close, but not too close that you start to get sticky or sweaty. So, a hand on the leg or the arm will be perfect. Even a foot on the tummy or the shoulder will do, too.


If you’ve found your very own weirdo that makes you feel the happiest, bravest, smartest, and strongest, consider yourself blessed.

Do your best to hold onto this weirdo with all that you have and make each other the happiest weirdos in the planet.


You have a whole album on your phone of all your photos together. You have screenshots of your text conversations to remind you of how happy you make each other. You have a Spotify playlist of all your special songs. Having all these things makes missing that special person not so bad.


Having a boyfriend certainly has its perks. You get someone to open tough-to-open jar covers, reach something in really high places, provide you with a jacket when you forget to bring yours, and kill those nasty bugs that you’re sure are there to kill you.


Having someone special that loves you so much can make all the stress and the sadness of the day disappear. Just a kiss or a hug makes everything right again.


Ladies, you can look, but hands off, please. Thank you!


Not only will hearing something like this make you fall in love with him more. It will also charm the pants off your mom!

11 Lovely Cute Memes for Your Girlfriend


It’s not really that hard to figure out. Girls just want attention every single minute of every single day!


This is for boyfriends who have girlfriends who cry over cute puppy or kitten videos, or videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their families, or videos of acts of kindness that restore people’s faith in humanity. Basically, every beautiful, cute, and happy thing they see brings them to tears.


As her boyfriend, it’s your solemn duty to protect your girlfriend from all the danger and the nastiness in this world. That includes protecting her from flying roaches and leery strangers.


Sometimes you miss your loved one so much that it starts to ache in a physical sense. This is not surprising when you really love someone so much with all that you are.


When you’re too busy doing your own thing and you have been forgetting the fact that you have a girlfriend right there beside you, you can expect her to do this gesture as a reminder.


You just know that your heart will start beating erratically whenever that special girl is in the same room with you. Your knees may also turn to slush and you will also lose the ability to speak coherently.


No one else can make you feel this way, and it’s like a drug that you just need to have every time, no matter what it takes to have it.


You can be silly, gross, and real in front of her and you’re not worried that she will leave you for someone better. You know that she accepts you for who you are and thinks your dorkiness is what makes you lovable.


Sometimes, you really don’t understand why she’s so worried about how she or why she’s so scared that she will fail. There’s no need to be afraid or insecure because she’s the most beautiful, most intelligent, and most talented person in the world!


You were simply existing in this world before you met her. Now you finally feel that you have a purpose. You suddenly feel alive and excited for every day that will unfold.


She has no idea that you’re already falling in love with her because of the little things that she has no idea she was doing. You’re falling in love with the real her and not just one of her public personas.

11 Lovely Cute Memes for Your Friends


Don’t worry if you’re still single. This is the downside of being too pretty, smart, and independent. Guys automatically think you’re taken!


It will fill you with all kinds of good feelings that will make you equal bits proud, happy, inspired, and sentimental. Much like a parent seeing their child overcoming their challenges and achieving their dreams.


You know they can’t resist your charm. You know they can’t go a day without talking to you, or sending you a message, or forwarding you a funny meme.

Just a little goofiness and a really heartfelt apology can make things alright again between good friends.


Roasting each other and dishing sarcasm every chance you get is just the way you show your love for each other. If you weren’t mean to each other, then you don’t love each other enough.


There’s a reason why you’re good friends. You have the same wavelength and you know what the other one is thinking without having to confirm it with words!


Every good and meaningful conversation with best friends begins with a really juicy piece of gossip!

The conversation will just naturally snowball from there, and it can cover the most mundane to the most thought-provoking topics that you can think of.


It’s easier to form a well-informed opinion when you can analyze the conversation word for word.

When you’ve read everything and understood everything within the context of the fight, then you can start telling your friend what to do.


It will definitely be pandemonium, depending on whether you and your friend are screamers, kissers, or huggers.

You may be texting, chatting, and video calling every day, but nothing beats the feeling of being with each other face to face and being able to hold each other close.


You enjoy doing a lot of things together. But the most fun you have is when you talk about food, plan about eating food, and actually eating food together!


Who needs a hundred so called friends when all you really need are a few real and trusted ones?

You just need a few friends who will not judge you when you make a horrible mistake, who will help you cover your tracks when you do something stupid, who will stand up for you when you’re being ganged up on, and who will be worried about you when you’re not okay.


Imagine just how delightful this would be. You can just head over to your friend’s house without having to put on a bra and changing into something nice.

No one will see you in the secret tunnel, anyway. This will also be very good if you’re trying to avoid dealing with people as well.

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