71 Quotes About God That Will Give You Joy

Religion is everywhere around us…

Are you looking for inspiring quotes about God that will strengthen your faith or restore your belief in God? Do you need a reminder of how much God loves you and is faithful to you?

You’ve come to the right place because this compilation has the most heartwarming, inspiring, and beautiful quotes about God that will do all these and so much more.

17 Quotes About God and Faith

When you walk with God, you will always reach your destination. No matter what stands in your way, no matter the twists and turns, you will always get to where you are supposed to be.


Having faith in God simply means thanking Him for a miracle before it has even happened. It means demonstrating gratitude for a desire that has not yet been granted or for a prayer that has not yet been answered.


In this life, nothing happens by accident. Know that everything happens for a reason, and that God is preparing you for wonderful things. Never forget that God is bigger and more powerful than anything you have ever known.


Because you have faith, know that what you pray to happen will happen. Trust in how God works amazingly in your life.


Pray not because you need to ask something from God but because you have so many blessings to thank God for. Pray not only when you need something but when you have something to be grateful for.


You can plan all you want. But remember that it’s God’s plans that will prevail. When it’s destined to happen, nothing can stop it from happening.


One day soon, you will finally be thanking God for receiving the blessing that you only used to dream about. Soon you will realize that God is real, powerful, and faithful, and that you don’t have any reason to fear or doubt.


Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything! Prayers can move mountains.


Let your faith in God shine all around you. Let this be the most beautiful thing about you.


God can restore anything. You simply have to submit the broken pieces of your life to Him and allow yourself to be restored to something beautiful and to something far better than what you have prayed for.


Only God can bring hope back into your life when you feel like everything is just hopeless. He is a God that restores, strengthens, and loves.


Even if I lost everything, I would still have God, and I know that everything will be alright in the end. God’s love for me is enough for me to start all over again.


God will test you deeply first before He will use you greatly. Don’t run away from your struggles because they are preparing you for something better and more beautiful.


Humility is not something that you develop as a character trait. You simply have it by walking with God.


Don’t forget to thank God after receiving what you have prayed for. Thank God especially when you receive at the time that you were asking for it.


No problem is too big, and no challenge is too great for God’s amazing power! Cast your burdens upon Him and believe in all that He could do for your life.


It’s not about what you have achieved in life, who you are, or who you have become. It’s all about who God is in your life. When you have God at the center, you are also in God’s capable hands.

17 Inspirational Quotes About God

When you’re feeling lost, confused, or uncertain, wait for God to move and act on your behalf. He will guide you to the right direction.


Sometimes you may be feeling so overwhelmed by life that you forget the fact that God is a promise keeper. Have faith that He will make good on His promises.


Whenever you’re struggling, don’t trust in what you’re feeling or what you’re seeing. Trust in what God said because His promise never fails. His timing is always perfect.


Don’t worry and don’t be afraid. God has a special miracle for you with your name on it.


I wish you a day that is filled with wonder and amazement about everything that God has made possible for you. I pray that you will allow God to captivate your heart and soul.


Take your trouble to God. Cry to him and let it all out. He will answer your prayers. You just need to listen very closely.


God loves you too much to give you something so soon or so late. His timing is always perfect, and He knows just when you’re ready for it. Never lose faith.


God has carried you through so much before, and He will carry you through it again this time. Always make the decision to choose faith instead of fear.


Our God is a magnificent God that does not just give us everything that we can handle. He helps us handle whatever we are given.


It’s okay. Do it again and give it one more chance. This time with God. You will be surprised to see the difference.


Dear God, please lead me and be with me because I cannot do this on my own. I am weak, and I am afraid, and I need you beside me to tell me that everything is going to be alright.


Waking up knowing that God is on my side is more than enough. Knowing that He loves me and guides me is a gift.


God will make a way even when you feel like there’s no other way. Just never lose your faith in Him.


Every day of your life is already in God’s book. If you’re going through challenging times, don’t stop on that chapter. Simply keep going and keep believing. You may be feeling tired, hopeless, or discouraged, but never give up on your future. Our God is faithful and true, and He will always lead you to the best and happiest ending.


Always trust in God’s timing. It may take too long sometimes, but it is always the perfect timing.


If you want to know the secret of a happy life, listen to what God wants you to know. Let go of what already happened, accept what already is, and have faith in what’s yet to come.


Don’t leave this world having allowed everyone else to use you except God. Never forget that you are a child of God, and everything that you do should be to honor Him.

17 Beautiful Quotes About God

Never forget that God is putting you through this situation and allowing you to go through this experience for a reason. Just put your faith in Him.


When you pray, a delay does not mean rejection or refusal. Trust in God’s perfect timing and you will receive what you wholly deserve.


God is an ever-faithful God. He will let your plans be wrecked before they wreck you. He will allow you to change your direction if it means leading you to somewhere more amazing.


Be brave and strong. Don’t be scared nor be dismayed when things don’t turn out like you’ve planned. God is with you in whatever you do, wherever you go.


God does not want you to worry or to stress. His promise is good and true, and He will help you work out your plans for your life. So work hard and work faithfully because all your efforts will be rewarded.


I would not be where I am right now if not for God’s mercy and grace. I will forever sing praise to God.


God hears your prayers and He can feel your pain. He knows when you are worried, afraid, exhausted, or overwhelmed. God is telling you to trust in Him because He will take care of you in this season of your life. Rest in God because He will fix whatever is broken.


True peace comes in knowing that God is always in control. You may not see, hear, or feel Him, but you can see the results of His work in your life.


When you go through deep or turbulent waters, know that God will always be with you. He will hold your hand and lift you up.


There are times when God does not change your situation. This is because He is doing something to change your heart.


As long as you’re still alive, God still has a purpose in your life. Never hesitate to call on Him, praise him, or exalt Him!


Give God all your weakness and He will give you all His strength.


Do not fear what will happen to you. We have a faithful God who will take care of you if you only put your faith in Him.


God will prepare you before He allows you to move to the next season of your life. He will take away and He will add. But don’t expect to move on without having to leave something behind.


It’s not just about saying the right words while praying or making the time to pray. It’s more about laying everything before God and allowing His will to be possible.


You will never regret your decision to trust in God. When you have God with you, you have all that you will ever need.


God knows the best and worst things about you. He knows what resides in your heart. Nevertheless, He is still the one who loves you the most and loves you the best.

20 Quotes About God That Say ‘Don’t Worry’

Every soft whisper, every hopeless plea, and every silent prayer matter. God hears them all.


God’s love for you is so great that even if you have already given up on yourself, God still hasn’t and never will.


Don’t be worried, and don’t be afraid. Sometimes God will test your courage and break your spirit to redeem your soul. He will break your heart so that He can make you whole.


Be at peace because God will help you fight your battles.


Everything will work out fine in the end. You don’t need to know when or how because you just have to trust in God and believe that it will.


God brings hope in your life even when think that things are beyond hope.


When problems and challenges come your way, think of them as opportunities to discover great joy!


God’s love never fails. It’s what will carry you through the tough moments of your life, and it’s what will celebrate you.


Don’t focus too much on how stressed you are but on how blessed you are.


You are not lost. No matter how hopeless or desperate the situation, God knows where you are exactly.


God protects and shields anyone who believes in Him and trusts in Him.


Let yourself find peace in knowing that God will always lead you to where you exactly need to be.


If there’s anything I’m sure of, it’s that God’s story doesn’t end with ashes.


When you’ve done everything that you can humanly do, that’s the time that God steps in and does what you cannot do.


If you have to believe in a promise, make it God’s promise to make something beautiful out of storms that bring devastation and destruction in your life.


Just think: If God always met your expectations, He would never have the chance to exceed them.


Always trust in God’s plan and not the pain that you are going through.


You are not made up by your mistakes. You are not defined by your experiences, but by God who loves every inch of you, no matter what the situation.


When things are going well in your life and you feel very happy, praise God. When you’re going through challenging moments, seek God for comfort and solace. Never forget to thank God in every moment.


If there’s anything that God wants you to know right now, it is to keep going because you are so close to your answered prayers.

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