54 Saturday Quotes That Will Inspire You to Make the Most of It

Saturdays are just perfect for relaxation!

Happy Saturday Quotes

A good attitude is like a wonderful cup of coffee. Don’t begin your day without it. Have a beautiful Saturday!


Think positive thoughts and say only kind words. Do good deeds for others. Know that everything comes back to you. Believe in good karma. Good morning, Saturday!


No matter how bad or good you think your life is, wake up every morning and be grateful that you’re still alive!


If you’re wondering how to be truly happy in life, just decide every morning to be in a good mood and everything will just start from there.


There are some Saturdays I feel grateful that some things in my life did not work out the way I wanted them to. I like where I am now so much better. Have a wonderful Saturday!


A better day is coming. It’s called Saturday! Have a good one.


I will win at life. Maybe not today while I’m still figuring things out, but definitely someday soon. Good morning, Saturday!


Your Saturday is pretty much made by how you spend your first hour. Make sure you have good thoughts, attitudes, and emotions. Good morning!


These days, I’m learning to be inspired by where I am and what I want to be. I think I’m doing a pretty good job! Have a lovely Saturday!

Funny Saturday Quotes and Sayings

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but doesn’t coffee taste better on Saturday mornings?


On Saturdays, it’s always a good time for coffee. You can even have coffee while you’re sipping coffee.


My Saturday looks a lot like you and me doing a whole lot of laziness together.


Me lazy? On a Saturday? No, I just really enjoy doing nothing.


I have a very strong feeling that I will be strengthening my relationship with Netflix the whole day today.


Saturdays are for messy hair, loud music, and unlimited coffee.


If I need to put on pants or a bra, sorry, it’s a no for me.


Some Saturdays I eat salads and do hours of yoga. Other Saturdays I eat an entire cake and lie in a coma in front of the TV. That’s what you call a balanced life.


At the rate I’m going, I really need an extra day between Saturday and Sunday.


If you’re wondering what my Saturday plans are, they’re naps and Netflix.


On Saturdays, I will drink to anything and everything.

Saturday Morning Quotes

What you are blessed with, many others can have. But who you are as a person, no one else can be. I hope your Saturday is as wonderful as you!


Don’t let the small things destroy your happiness. Good morning, Saturday!


Happiness cannot be far behind when you have a thankful heart and a peaceful mind. Happy Saturday!


Sending you love, joy, and blessings for a beautiful Saturday. May you feel happy and relaxed, and may your day go smoothly today. Happy Saturday!


Hello, Saturday! I hope you have a ridiculously wonderful day today.


Happiness is a choice. Don’t wait for your situation to become better. Create your own happiness and look for ways to be happy each day. Begin on this beautiful Saturday.


You cannot hit your target if you don’t know what your target is. Set your goals and then discover ways to accomplish them. Good morning, Saturday!


Just keep going. You’re getting there! Have a wonderful Saturday!


Let the weekend therapy commence!

Saturday Night Quotes

It’s better to know now and be disappointed than to go on in life always wondering and never finding out. I hope it was a Saturday well spent for you.


Sometimes you just need a little break. In a beautiful and quiet place. By yourself. So that you can just figure out everything. Good night!


Anything is possible on a Saturday night with a little lipstick and some champagne!


Well, well, well. It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails!


I just checked and tonight’s forecast is 99% chance of wine.


A relaxing, quiet, and peaceful night at home is one of life’s most wonderful pleasures.


There are some things that you can only learn in a storm. Have a worry-free Saturday night!


I wish every night was a Saturday night.


Never regret any day in your life. Happy days give joy and sad days give lessons. The worst days give experience and the best days give wonderful memories. Good night!


Spend your Saturday responsibly. Don’t let your weekend be your weak end.


What defines you is how well you stand up after each fall. Let go of today and focus on tomorrow. It’s another day. Good night!


It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you feel really good about yourself. Have a great Saturday night!

Funny Saturday Quotes

Good morning, my crazy, coffee-guzzling, sleep-deprived friend. Hope you spend your Saturday well!


No special plans for today. I’ll just drink a ton of coffee and be gorgeous.


After this very tiring week, I just want someone to take me out, either on a date or by a sniper. I really don’t care — I’m that tired.


If being in bed by 10pm on a Saturday sounds old, the hell with being young then!


No, I don’t get drunk. I just get less classy and a lot more fun.


The events of last night are fuzzy in my head. But the fact that I need to wear this pair of sunglasses just to get something from the fridge tells me that it was awesome.


I love it when friends cancel at the last minute. I really prefer to date myself.


Sometimes all you need is to break your routine and do something new, something you haven’t tried before. Like scare people wearing a clown costume, or adding mayonnaise in everything you eat, or going meatless the whole day.


This Saturday, I want food, kisses, cuddles, love, play, and attention. Yes, I’m basically a puppy.


Some Saturdays, I feel like I can dominate the world. Other Saturdays it takes me half a day just to get out of bed and wash my face.


What’s up with me? Nothing, really. Just sipping on my coffee and thinking about how I can dominate the world.


On Saturdays, I act like Saturdays are going out of style.


This Saturday will not last forever, so make the most out of it. Order the pizza and bring out the wine!

Wonderful Quotes About Saturday

Better days are coming. They’re called Saturdays!


Relax because it’s finally Saturday. Just don’t blink, though, because it will all be over soon.


Saturdays are for sleeping until you’re famished and then eating until you’re sleepy.


Being busy is a choice. Being stressed is a choice. Being happy is a choice. Today is Saturday. Make sure that you choose well!


Life simply goes on. Whether you choose to move forward or take a leap into the unknown, whether you choose to be chained to the past and look with hope to the future, life simply goes on. Have a great Saturday!


The whole point of the week is the weekend. May you have a well-spent Saturday!


Be in love with life so much that every day feels like a Saturday. Enjoy the little things because someday you will look back on them and realize that they are the big things.


Don’t worry, I’ve got that Saturday feeling!


It’s a beautiful Saturday. I wish you good coffee and delicious food. I wish you long and relaxing walks, nerdy nonsense, warm comfort, and late-night talks. Have a great Saturday!


Your Saturdays don’t count if you don’t spend them doing things that are completely useless!


I’m always excited to meet my friend, and my friend is Saturday.


Happy Saturday! I hope that you wake up each day feeling grateful and thankful for life. Good morning!


If you keep competing with others, you will grow bitter. But if you keep competing with yourself, you only get better and better. Good morning, Saturday!


It’s a good day to have a phenomenal Saturday. Make sure to make it count.


May your Saturday be filled with beautiful thoughts, happy moments, and kind people. Someone as wonderful as you truly deserve it!


Life is about being happy. Don’t forget to have fun and be happy on this amazing Saturday.


May your Saturday be as kind and wonderful as your thoughts are. Have a sweet and fun Saturday. Good morning.


Learn to be calm and relaxed and you will find yourself effortlessly happy. Here’s my sweet morning wish that your Saturday will be a fun and unforgettable one.


When I say I have a busy Saturday, I mean I have a busy Saturday catching up on sleep and emptying the contents of my refrigerator.


When everything else fails, Saturday is always a good idea.


Every Saturday, I do what I love most: absolutely nothing!


I believe that everything happens for a reason. People will change, and you will need to let go sooner or later. Things can go wrong, so you need to appreciate what you have while you still have them. Sometimes things will also fall apart so that you can make room for better things in your life. Have a thoughtful and a well-spent Saturday!


I wish life had a ‘rewind Saturday’ button. Have a terrific Saturday, my friend!


Take your pleasure seriously. That means take your Saturday laziness seriously.


The only great and welcome end I know is the weekend. Enjoy your Saturday.


It’s Saturday. Make sure to spend your time with people who feed your soul and make your heart ridiculously happy.


I hope something unexpectedly wonderful happens to you today. Have an amazing Saturday.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to be happy is to let go of anything that makes you sad. Do that today. Have a very happy Saturday!


Is it just me or does my body know that it’s a Saturday? I’m really having a difficult time getting out of bed today!

Happy Saturday Images

Saturday Quotes

There are some people who find household work therapeutic.

Doing the dishes, cooking meals, doing the laundry, folding clothes, or vacuuming the floors do have a very powerful relaxing effect, especially when you start to see everything in your home getting cleaner and more organized.

Come to think of it, it’s hard to feel relaxed when your house is a mess!

Saturdays are great for making sure that your house is clean, fresh, and organized, especially if you weren’t able to do the proper cleaning all throughout the week.

It’s best to have a schedule when doing household work so that you will still have time for some real fun for yourself and your family!

Saturday Quotes

It’s time to give your tired and hardworking body the relaxation that it needs.

Help your body eliminate the stress and all the toxins with a long and luxurious massage!

You can book an appointment at your local massage salon or even arrange for a masseuse to come to your home.

You will feel like a completely changed person after your 90 minutes is up!

Saturday Quotes

If the budget permits, go on a little shopping therapy. Nothing feels more uplifting to the soul than getting yourself something you really, really like and paying for it with your hard-earned money.

Nothing is more satisfying than buying something nice for the people you love even if they are not asking for it.

Get yourself something nice as a reward. It may be something as simple as a new manicure, a new lipstick, a delicious slice of cake, or a new top that you can wear for work.

Saturday Quotes

People who only wake up at the crack of dawn from Monday to Friday will truly know what happiness and satisfaction Saturdays bring.

There’s no need to set the alarm, and you can stay up late on Friday evening watching your shows, reading your book, listening to music, or talking to friends or family on the phone.

You can spend a long time doing your skin routine or bedtime rituals without worrying that you should be sleeping right now.

There’s no work tomorrow, so you can choose to sleep the day away without feeling guilty!

Saturday Quotes

Now that the work week is done, you can finally have some quality time to spend with the most important people in your life!

It’s not easy leaving each day for work and leaving the kids and the house in other people’s hands.

It’s torture just thinking about the hours you spend at work every day that you could be spending with your family and taking care of important things to keep the household running.

Saturday can be just one day. But if you know how to spend it wisely, every hour will be very meaningful!

Saturday Memes

Saturday Quotes

Nothing is more annoying than being excited about sleeping until noon, only to wake up at the same time you wake up when you have work.

No matter how hard you do try going back to sleep, it’s like your body is still on a workday mode and refuses to cooperate.

You spend a few minutes in bed and just close your eyes. Maybe sleep will come again.

But you just give up after an hour when you realize that you might as well get breakfast started and hopefully go back to sleep after eating.

Saturday Quotes

You deserve a treat after working so hard at the office all week. It’s time to let off steam and forget about the stresses of the office and the ridiculous demands of your boss or co-workers.

In your desire to release the stress, it can be hard to keep track of how much booze you’ve had already.

But who cares, the night is still young anyway!

When you party too hard, expect the morning after to be one big hazy mess spent either in a comatose-like state in bed or beside the toilet bowl while emptying all the contents of your stomach.

Definitely not a pretty sight!

Saturday Quotes

It’s finally Saturday, the day you’ve been looking forward to all week. You can now let out your breath that you’ve been holding and allow yourself to relax.

Forget about all your worries and exercise those facial muscles. Have a hearty laugh with your friends.

Share a funny story with your family and laugh so hard that you have tears in your eyes.

A good laugh does wonders to your soul, and it will make your problems seem a little bit smaller and a whole lot lighter.

Watch funny clips on YouTube. Stream a good comedy on TV. Read a funny book, or simply recall a funny incident.

The more you laugh, the lighter and happier you will feel!

Saturday Quotes

It’s perfectly alright not to have exciting plans for Saturday.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just stay at home, not talk to anyone, and focus on your self-care!

That does not mean you’re boring, though. It just means that you value yourself and choose to do what’s best for you first.

Take care of yourself first. Sleep, eat, and pamper yourself.

When you still have time to go out and do something more exciting, you can go ahead and do that as well!

Saturday Quotes

If you want to spend your Saturday doing household chores like washing the laundry, that’s perfectly alright, too.

People have different ways of unwinding. What’s stressful for others can be very therapeutic for some!

Make a big deal out of it. Play the music really loud and have yourself a little wine and cheese party while waiting for the first load to finish!

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