51 Original Ways to Say Get Well Soon

Simply saying ‘get well soon’ is not enough – you need to send an original message.

Hearing about someone you care about falling sick or recovering from a sickness can be tough.

As much as possible, you don’t want anything bad happening to your loved ones. If it’s only possible to make them invincible, you would do so in a heartbeat.

When someone you love is sick or recovering from a sickness, it will be a very sweet and kind gesture to let them know that you are thinking about them and wishing that they get better soon.

You can visit and spend time with them. You can give them your Get Well Soon messages in person, or you can also send it to them through email or text.

Find the inspiration you need to write the perfect Get Well Soon message here with this great selection of messages with the perfect sentiments.

Ways to Say Get Well Soon to Your Parents

I had a mild panic attack when I heard you were sick. You never get sick, so can you really blame me if I feel this way? Sending you lots of warm hugs and sweet kisses. Get well soon, okay? I will be visiting you in a few days, so you don’t have any choice but to get better! I love you. Take care.


I knew something was wrong when I asked you to go shopping with me and you said no. You never say no to spur of the moment shopping trips! I hope you’re feeling much better today. Stay away from seafood for now, will you? I’ll call you later, so just get a quick nap so you will be all bright and perky later. I love you!


My phone alarm just went off. It’s time for your medication. Have you taken them yet? I hope you feel better soon. Take care and I love you!


We are all so eager to have you back home. I’m sure your stay in the hospital was the most horrible time of your life. We can’t wait to have you right here where you belong. Just a few hours more. We have truly missed you. We love you!


It’s during times like this that I wish I had superpowers so that I can take away anything that’s ailing you. It’s times like this that I wish I had the ability to fly or to teleport so that I could be with you in an instant. I’m thinking about you and praying for your quick recovery. I love you! Don’t worry too much, okay?


I hate to see you feeling so down and weak. I hope that this delicious chicken noodle soup and full season DVDs of Game of Thrones will help you recover faster. You are in my thoughts, Dad. Love you!


I heard you were not feeling so fabulous today. I will be coming by to check in on you and bring you some of your favorite Chinese food. How does that sound? Take care, and see you soon. I love you.


Get plenty of sleep so that you will feel better soon. Don’t worry about the household work, Mom. I’ll take care of it. Just rest and regain the strength that you lost.


I heard you’re sick and I just wanted to check in on you. I took a few days off work so that I can be with you. I don’t want you getting out of bed and doing everything by yourself. I have a spare key so I’ll just let myself in later. Rest well, Dad!


Although you’re feeling under the weather, I know that you will be back on your feet in no time. I know you. You are made of tough stuff! Get well soon, Dad. I love you!

Ways to Say Get Well Soon to Your Children

You got me so worried again. How many times did I tell you to always carry an umbrella with you? No matter how romantic you think it is, it’s never good to get caught in a heavy downpour! I’ll be spending the night there to make sure you have something good and warm to eat. No buts! Get well soon, love.


I know that you’re feeling cranky, weak, and uncomfortable. But you will feel loads better when you get a taste of something warm and delicious, like this chicken soup I made you. You will feel better once you’ve taken your medicines, too. Now be a doll and eat it while it’s still warm.


Your health is very precious, so try to take better care of it. Hope you feel better soon, sweetie. Get plenty of rest. I love you.


It’s never fun being sick. But sometimes it’s good to be sick because it’s your body’s way of reminding you that you need to slow down and take a break! I hope you do just that, unless you want me to go over there right now and lock you up in your room with no internet connection. Get well soon!


Maybe you’re not feeling like your 100% self right now. But give it a few days of sleep, rest, and nutritious food. You will be feeling like your old self again. Take care, love. Just call me if you need anything.


I hate seeing you sick. If I could only take all your pain and discomfort so that you will no longer have to be in this hospital bed. But I know that there’s nothing you cannot handle. You are Mommy’s little superhero, after all. Just a little more time and we will be on our way home, dear. I pray that you feel better very, very soon!


Whenever a child of mine falls sick, my desire to make them wear a hazmat suit on a daily basis just intensifies. Today is no exception. I hope you’re taking your medicines on time and eating only healthy food. See you in a bit, love.


Every time you get sick, I bet you feel sorry for all those times I asked you to eat your vegetables and you never did. Feel better soon, sweetie. Also, this message is not an “I told you so!”


I know the test results will be good, sweetie. There’s nothing to fear as long as Mom and Dad are here. Speedy recovery, sweetie.


We’re all thinking about you and praying for you in your time of healing. Never forget that we are just here for you if you ever need anything. We love you!

Ways to Say Get Well Soon to Your Spouse

You are very precious to me, and I hate seeing you feeling so sick. With love, faith, hope, and courage, you will be well again. A speedy recovery to you, my love.


Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? If you listened to me more, you wouldn’t be feeling so sick right now. Get plenty of rest, darling, and don’t think about anything else. Especially about work. Get well soon.


I’ve made your favorite English breakfast. Please eat because you need to if you want to get better soon. I love you!


You are the strongest and bravest man I have ever known. There’s nothing that you cannot overcome, so we will beat this illness together. I will be here for you every step of the way. I love you.


You get sick because your body is complaining that you are working it too hard. It’s time to slow down, sweetie. Take a break and you will feel better soon. I love you!


Did your doctor prescribe some quality time with me? That’s a very good doctor. I’m sure you will be back on your feet in no time.


You know that I also feel not okay when you’re not. I hate seeing you feeling so bad, so I’m going to take care of you until you feel better.


Just because you caught a bug doesn’t mean I should stop giving you kisses and hugs. I love you too much for that! Feel better soon, love!


Rest well, my love. Just think about getting well and nothing else. The kids are okay and I’m running the house just fine. We love you!


You may be the one who’s sick, but I’m the one who has a heavy heart. Please get well soon, my love!

Ways to Say Get Well Soon to Your Best Friends

What do you mean you’re sick? I thought superheroes never got sick.


I’m sure your doctor’s prescription says “Spend time with most amazing friend”, so here I am. Now that I’m here, you will surely feel better!


You probably weren’t expecting that you will fall sick during this time. But one thing that you can expect is a friend like me on your side until you get better. Feel better soon!


You are the toughest person I know. This sickness will only make you tougher. Get better soon. I will be here for anything you need.


I know that you are suffering right now, but I know that if there’s anyone who can get past this, that’s none other than you. I hope you feel better soon.


Because you’re sick, I am your willing slave. I hope you get better soon because I don’t have any plans of being your slave for long!


Get well soon, my dearest friend. The world needs your goodness and positivity. Take care!


Because you are sick, I prescribe you plenty of love, care, and rest. You will get plenty of that from us, your friends. Take care, my friend!


I want you to know that even if you are feeling crappy right now, it will feel less crappy as the days pass and you get the rest that you need. Get well soon!


I know that you’re sick, but that won’t stop us from taking plenty of selfies together. I hope you feel better soon.


I don’t have magical healing powers, but I have a pretty great sense of humor that will leave you in stitches. No pun intended. Get well soon, my dearest friend!

Ways to Say Get Well Soon to Your Colleagues

Your absence in the office is greatly felt. It’s a lot less fun and exciting at work now since you’ve fallen sick. We hope that you feel better soon. Take as much rest as you need. You need to take care of yourself better now, okay? We’re so glad that it’s nothing serious. See you soon!


The office feels empty without you. It’s just not the same without your dry humor and incomparable wisdom. We miss you! Get better soon — you have a lot of stories to tell us!


Without you here, I have no one else to annoy with my never-ending questions. I have no one else to share my lunch with or spend my coffee breaks with. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you. I hope you feel better soon.


Everyone says hello and wishes you a speedy recovery. Your absence is greatly felt. I think the business will grow bankrupt if you don’t hurry back here. Just kidding. Get well soon.


We heard that you got sick. We’re all sorry that you are. Now is your time to relax and think of nothing else but getting well. We hope you feel better soon, pal!


We just heard that you’ve fallen sick while on vacation. I hope you were able to pack in as many fun moments as you could! Get well soon.


Things around the office have been very dull since you’ve fallen sick. We hope that you feel better very soon.


Everyone here at the office eagerly awaits your return. Don’t be in such a hurry to come back, though. Your health is more important. Get well!


You are more than just a work colleague to us, because you are more like a father to us. We are so thankful that you’re okay. Take care and get well soon.


We miss your jokes and motherly advice. Please feel better soon because the office is just not the same without you. We love you!

Creative Ways to Say ‘Get Well Soon’

I pray that God will send you the energies of healing and recovery so that you will get better soon. You may be feeling lonely now. But know that our thoughts and prayers are with you as you regain your strength each day. God bless you and get well soon!


Sometimes your body is the best reminder that you are working too much and not getting enough rest. I hope you’re not thinking of work while you’re in the hospital. Feel better soon!


If I were you, I’d just listen to my doctor and follow his orders instead of Googling so much about your condition and then using it to argue your case. Do everything to get better because we’re missing you so darn much!


I heard you’re feeling under the weather. That’s too bad. Make sure to take your medication on time and drink plenty of water. As soon you’re not contagious, I’ll be coming by for a visit. I hope you feel better soon.


I can’t remember the last time you got sick. I guess even the healthiest people can succumb to the meanest virus. I hope you’re not feeling too crappy. Get your much-needed rest and be better soon.


Don’t worry about work because we have people who can cover for you while you’re getting better. Please concentrate on getting stronger. When you’re fit to work again, then that’s the time that you think about going back to work again. I wish you the best in your road to recovery. We are all praying for you.


I wish I had magical powers to take away the pain and make you strong again. But all I have are these loving hands that will take care of you and this heart full of love to make you smile when you’re feeling low. I pray that you will get better soon.


Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. The important thing is that you get better. Take all the time you need and do what the doctors say. No arguments. Get well soon, my friend!


Getting sick is the worst. I hope that you’re being treated like royalty over there and eating a lot of delicious home-cooked meals. If there’s any good thing about being sick, it’s having people at your beck and call. I hope you feel better soon!


No selfies on your Instagram for the past three days? Something must be wrong. True enough, you’re down with the flu. I hope you get better soon!


Look at the bright side. When you beat this nasty virus, you will also have lost 5 pounds. You were always having a hard time shedding those 5 pounds, right? Get well soon, love!


I’m sorry if I’m a bit worried, but I just hate the thought of you getting sick. Do you have everything you need? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? I hope you feel better soon!

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