10 Stunning Wedding Sentiments that the Bride Will Love

Which Wedding Sentiment Matches Your Bride? Find out below…

wedding sentiment for the bride

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Whether you’re a guest or someone very close to the bride, giving her the perfect wedding sentiments will make her big day even more special.

It will mean a lot to her to know that someone wishes them the best on her wedding day, and that someone took the time to come up with the perfect words and express their happiness for her.

There’s no universal template that one can just fill out and send to the bride that will elicit smiles, laughter, or tears. Every bride is different. Thus, the perfect wedding sentiments should also fit the personality of the bride.

Here are some examples of wedding sentiments that will truly make any bride feel like a queen.



Wedding Sentiments for the Hopeless Romantic Bride

She has been waiting for this day to arrive ever since she was a little kid. Watching all those movies where Prince Charming arrives just in time to rescue his lady love have made quite an impression.

Growing up and learning the ways of love, experiencing the happy and the sad, and the good and the bad, has done nothing to diminish or change how she views love and romance.

She believes that love will conquer all, and that people can change for the better if you will just give them a chance. She will get hurt and be heartbroken, but she will never let her pain keep her from loving again.

As far as you have known her, she has already envisioned what sort of wedding she will have, right down to the wedding dress, the wedding venue, the songs, the flowers, and even the cake toppers! She has always been a princess in search of her prince.

On her wedding day, she will absolutely love it when she receives wedding sentiments that are full of love and old-fashioned romance. Much like this one:

May your wedding day hold the promise of a bright and beautiful tomorrow. May each new day you spend together be an opportunity to discover more reasons to love the other, and to be grateful for what you have now. May you be graced with good health and real happiness, and may you always find refuge in each other from the many storms of life.

Wedding Sentiments for the Funny Bride

She will be a bunch of nerves, just like any nervous bride out there, but you will never be able to tell because she’s busy cracking jokes and sending everyone rolling on the floor with laughter.

She will be cool and composed most of the time, and she will always diffuse a tense situation with a funny quip or hilarious antic.

There’s never a dull moment with her, so you can expect that her wedding will be abuzz with happy energy and raucous laughter.

Ease the tension that she’s sure to feel on her wedding day with wedding sentiments of this nature.

Congratulations on taking that big leap and committing your life to that special person! Cheers to never having the bed for yourself again, and never being able to wear your rattiest clothes without being ridiculed, and never having the liberty to order the pizza that you want when you want. Most of all, sharing everything in your life, including your Netflix!

Wedding Sentiments for the Busy Bride

She will be hands-on with everything related to her wedding, but she will not hesitate to take a break from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning to spend time with family or friends.

Of course, she will still try to multitask her way in between sips of tea to send a quick email or answer a text. For her, it’s better to hit two birds with one stone.

Don’t be offended when she picks up a call just to choose between salmon and chartreuse, peonies and hydrangeas, and string quartets and live bands.

She will try to make time for you, no matter how busy she gets, because you are special. Show just how special she is, too, with wedding sentiments just like these.

It’s so easy to get lost in all the wedding planning and partying that you might forget about the real meaning of marriage! When all the excitement dies down and it’s just you and your husband, that’s when married life truly begins. May you always be inspired to be the best wife to your husband, and vice versa. May your fights be petty and nothing that you cannot resolve. May you shower each other with love and attention, especially days are long and busy. Slow down and enjoy the little moments, because it’s usually these moments that are the most unforgettable ones.

Wedding Sentiments for the Once-Again Bride

She may have gone through the big and lavish wedding the first time and did not have her happy ever after, but it doesn’t mean that this wedding will be any less special or meaningful.

That part of her life is over now, and she is about to begin a new one with the man she loves. Surround her with warmth and love, and plenty of well wishes.

Keep the energy positive, and make sure that her wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Sometimes, the unfortunate things that happen to you will bring you to something more beautiful. There’s a reason why things don’t end the way you hope they would. It’s because you deserve better. It’s because there are far bigger things waiting for you. Fairy tales and happy endings do exist. Even if you have to do it a second time.

Wedding Sentiments for the Reluctant Bride

Any kind of public display of affection is sure to send her running to the opposite direction, and you cannot help but wonder how she’s going to survive her own wedding day, which is going to be full of love and romance from start to finish.

Even if she’s not crazy about cheesiness or mush, you know that she believes in the power of love. She has experienced it firsthand and knows just how magical loving and being loved can be.

Reinforce the fact that she deserves all the happiness and love that she has now, and that it’s okay to start wearing her heart on her sleeve starting right about now!

When the laughter and the merriment dies down, may you fully embrace the fact that you are somebody’s wife now. Doubt may slowly creep in, but don’t ever let it win. Know that you deserve all the love and happiness that you have. Cherish it, nurture it, and celebrate it. May you have love in big things and small, every day, all the time.

Wedding Sentiments for the Fearful Bride

The closer she gets to the big day, the antsier and more tense she becomes.

She keeps expecting for the worst thing to happen, like the caterers cancelling at the last minute, or the wedding dress getting lost in transit, or having a pimple breakout the night before, or tripping on her wedding dress as she walks down the aisle.

Calm her nerves and tell her that everything will be alright by sending wedding sentiments just like this one.

On your wedding day, you will be embarking on the next great adventure. May you always have one another to fight your battles together, and may you always be side by side in love and happiness. I wish you never ending joy through rain and through sunshine. Be courageous in love, and always believe that love can conquer anything.

Wedding Sentiments for the Lovable Bride

When you see her, you just can’t help but share in her excitement and wish her the very best. She glows when she speaks.

She radiates with poise and confidence, and her happiness is so contagious you want to tie the knot with your own groom to be.

Send her love on her very special day with wedding sentiments that will make her feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

I know that your wedding day will be magical, and you will be the most beautiful bride ever. I wish you beautiful and happy days always. If you encounter a few bumps in the road sometime in the future, I wish that you will always hold each other’s hand and remember what you promised each other on this day. May your life together as husband and wife be a never-ending honeymoon!

Wedding Sentiments for the Sentimental Bride

The closer her wedding day gets, the more emotional she will be over the big and small things. She will suddenly feel sentimental about the memories that even the most random things evoke.

She will get misty-eyed when she hears a certain song or smells a particular scent. Sometimes you will even start to wonder whether she wants to get married at all!

But what bride wouldn’t be sentimental at the thought of finding the one person meant for you out of the billion people in the world?

Tell her that it’s alright to be sentimental on her big day with wedding sentiments that go something like this.

All you need is love. As long as you have love, there will never be cause for concern, fear, or worry. I wish that you never stop bringing love and happiness to one another, and that your journey together as husband and wife be filled with peace and harmony.

Wedding Sentiments for the No-Nonsense Bride

She will be very detail-oriented. She will be closely monitoring the wedding preparations. She will be picky, inquisitive, and oftentimes demanding.

She will only be this way because she doesn’t like fluff or anything totally unnecessary to ruin her big day.

She has a vision of what she wants, and she will not be afraid to do what needs to be done to achieve it. Give her some love on her wedding day, and bolster her confidence with love and well wishes.

There will be plenty of lessons to be learned once you are married to your husband. But you don’t need to worry because you are going to make a wonderful wife. Your capacity to love and your ability to make people feel loved is incredible. Best wishes and congratulations on your marriage! May your life together be full of plans realized, wishes granted, dreams made come true.

Wedding Sentiments for the Emotional Bride

She was all tears and shrieks when her groom proposed. She was a wreck at the engagement party, cried happy tears, and hugged everyone present.

She will most probably hyperventilate on her wedding day. But you can calm her nerves and tell her that her big day will work like a charm, much like this wedding sentiment.

Now that you are saying ‘I Do’ to the man of your dreams, may your life together be as happy and loving as you dream it. May you be each other’s promise fulfilled. Enrich one another’s hearts with love, forgiveness, patience, and compassion. May you be bound together in love, and may the cords only strengthen over time. May you always choose each other, in good times and in bad, through the laughter and the tears. Just love one another like there’s no tomorrow.

More Examples of Wedding Sentiments for the Bride

Today is a perfect day to shower you with wonderful wedding wishes that will give you lifetime of love and joy. May your wedding day be everything you hoped it would be and so much more. May your marriage be even better than your wildest dreams. Best wishes and congratulations!


Sometimes in the middle of regular daily life, love will give you the most unexpected surprise. I wish you and your new husband the best of love and life moving forward. It was a magical day that we will not forget. There was not a dry eye in the room! Keep living this amazing love story and keep inspiring all of us who are still searching for true love.


May your marriage bring you a lifetime of laughter, love, and happiness. You both deserve it for being two of the best people I know. Stay happy! I just have a feeling that you will be the kind of married people who will still be together even when they’re a hundred years old! Congratulations and best west wishes.


On your wedding day, I want you to know just how excited I am for you. You have chosen someone who’s perfect for you, and my heart could not be happier. I can see the love radiating from both of you. As long as there is love, you will always be on the right path. I may have given you away in marriage today but remember that my little girl you will always remain.


May you build your home together with God’s love and grace. May you always find safety, love, and warmth in each other’s arms. May you always be thankful to be where freedom lives. May you stay healthy and happy today and always. Best wishes to you on your wedding day!


Here’s wishing that your marriage will be even more beautiful and romantic than your wedding has been today. Best wishes to you!


I wish you a glorious and unforgettable wedding that’s stress free and everything you planned it would be. God bless you, your groom, and your marriage. I wish you a lifetime of bliss and love.


May your love for each other be old-fashioned enough to stand the test of time but modern enough to keep you two interested. Congratulations and best wishes!


This message comes with an outpouring of love and happiness for you and your groom. Have the most unforgettable wedding and the happiest life together. Never stop loving each other and making wonderful memories together.


May this day be the beginning of the most wonderful time of your life. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s certainly going to be fun. I’m sending you my warmest wedding wishes and congratulations.


I wish that you will have a marriage that is always growing and everlasting. Have a happy married life together. Congratulations and best wishes!


I’m very excited for your special day ahead. Everything looks wonderful. All the best to you and your groom and the beautiful life you will have together as husband and wife.


As you set off for your new life as a wife to your husband, here’s wishing that you will be happy with every distance that you cross together. I wish you a very happy and strong married life.


May the love that radiates from your heart today be the foundation on which you will build your life together as husband and wife. My heart is about to explode with happiness for the both of you. Have an unforgettable wedding and a happy married life. Congratulations and best wishes!

Final Thoughts

When wedding sentiments are expressed just right, they can set the whole wedding affair off to a good start.

They can make the bride feel extra beautiful and more excited about the events that will take place.

They can also provide a romantic aura on the whole day itself, getting everyone to be bolder, braver, and more romantic!

Don’t be stingy with your wedding sentiments and make them as romantic and as uplifting as possible.

You don’t want to give the bride cold feet on her wedding day, do you? You want to make her feel happy and excited for the big day so that she can truly enjoy it!

Allay her fears if there are any, and just make her look forward to her wonderful future with her brand-new husband.

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