54 Sunday Quotes That Will Make You Feel Positive and Happy

Pick one of these 54 Sunday quotes to attract optimism into your weekend.

Happy Sunday Quotes

Now that it’s Sunday, take the time doing something that makes your soul happy!


Another Sunday, another gift, and another chance to show everyone how much you love being alive. Appreciate everything and treat each breath as a very precious gift. Happy Sunday!


May your Sunday be so wonderful that you don’t ever want Monday to come. Have a wonderful Sunday!


The best time for a new beginning is always today. Here’s to a happy and relaxing Sunday.


Me and my bed on a Sunday morning is a never-ending love affair.


I hope your Sunday will be filled with joy and sunshine because of the many ways that you brighten my day.


Your dreams will not expire. Take this day to recharge and regroup so that you will be ready to face the world again in the coming week. Have a lovely Sunday!


A beautiful Sunday begins with beautiful thoughts. As soon as you wake up, think about how blessed you are to simply be given another day to live and be healthy! Happy Sunday!


Don’t forget this and know this by heart. You can always have a brand new beginning every morning. May you have a blessed Sunday.


Be thankful for waking up and being blessed to see another wonderful day.


No matter what it is, do the best you can, and be good and kind while doing it. Have a blessed Sunday!


With Sundays come a chance to slow down and catch your breath. There’s no need to rush because if something is meant to happen, it will happen!

Funny Sunday Quotes and Sayings

Maybe if we turn off all the lights and appliances, and we sat really still and breathe really quietly, Monday will not be able to find us, and we can enjoy Sunday a little while longer.


Come here you hot, delicious, and beautiful cup of coffee and lie to me about how I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow and going back to work.


Sunday is a day of rest. It’s the day to do the rest of the house work, the rest of the laundry, and the rest of the stuff that you didn’t want to do on Saturday.


I really do believe that Sundays should have 48 hours instead of just 24 so that we can have plenty of rest before Monday comes around again.


Some good things never last. That’s why we have Mondays.


Sundays are precious to me because this is the only day of the week where I can wear pajamas all day and be braless and showerless.


My Saturday was going pretty great until I realized that it was actually a Sunday.


Sundays are for sleeping until you’re hungry and eating until you’re sleepy.


I hope you have a very relaxing Sunday; one where you can just be lazy, hungry, and sleepy without feeling guilty about it.


I wanted this to be a good morning message, but I know you will still be asleep for the next 12 hours. Hope you don’t get exhausted from all that sleep!


I wish we had 48-hour Sundays, 36-hour Saturdays, and 15-minute Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


Hello, Sunday. That was short but sweet. We shared something really special, and I can’t believe I have to wait another week to see you again.


Don’t waste your Sunday because you have a whole week to feel sorry for it.


There really should be a day between Sunday and Monday because Sunday is just not enough.


Don’t let Mondays ruin your Sundays. Don’t think about Monday until you have hit the snooze button for the fifteenth and last time.

Sunday Morning Quotes

Life is too short to wake up in the morning filled with regrets. Begin your Sunday with a heart that’s light, open, and free!


Sunday is a day to recharge your body and refuel your soul. Take a deep breath and slow down. Use this moment to enjoy all the blessings that you have in your life.


Happiness cannot be far behind when you have peace of mind and gratitude in your heart. Here’s to a beautiful and warm Sunday!


Don’t you just love that smell of possibility every Sunday morning?


Sunday is for taking it slow and giving your soul the opportunity to catch up with your body. Relax your body and calm your mind. Have a terrific Sunday!


Sundays mean mornings without the sound of the alarm to wake you up. Have a great Sunday.


Sundays are perfect for refueling your soul and being grateful for your blessings.


I wish you a Sunday that’s filled with wonderful emotions and beautiful moments. A person as wonderful as you totally deserve it!


Now that it’s a Sunday, please act accordingly. Turn off the alarm, enjoy your morning coffee, walk around in your pajamas, catch up on your reading, sleep some more. Give yourself the break that you deserve!


May your Sunday be filled with wonderful moments, kind people, and positive thoughts. Have a great Sunday!


The struggles may be real, but so are the blessings. I hope you have a Sunday filled with abundant blessings.

Sunday Night Quotes

This is your Sunday night reminder that you are strong, smart, and sassy. You can handle anything that this week will throw at you!


Another Sunday has gone and it’s time to look forward to another week. Remain focused on your goals and find something to be excited about every day. You will be surprised at how the days will fly by so quickly, and then it’s Sunday again!


May all the choices that you made today be a reflection of all your hopes and dreams and not your fears. Good night!


I hope you spent your Sunday with the big people in your life enjoying the little things.


Don’t you hate Sunday nights because you go to bed feeling that weekend is over and here comes another week to drive you crazy?


Sunday nights can be just as dreadful as early Monday mornings.

Funny Sunday Quotes

It’s not officially a Sunday until you waste the day away doing nothing and then feeling really regretful that you didn’t do the gazillion things you wanted to do.


The thing about Sundays is you set out planning to do a lot of things and then laying in bed realizing that you have not accomplished a single one.


How was my Sunday, you ask? It was great — I spent it wishing that it wasn’t Sunday yet!


Sunday is not even over and already I can’t wait to call it a day tomorrow and come home from work.


If there’s any consolation about Sunday nights, it’s knowing that you can put those very expensive shoes to good use by wearing them to work on Monday.


The most difficult question to answer sometimes is not about life, or love, or the universe, but where in the hell my weekend went.


Sunday night is here again. It’s time to toss and turn and wonder what impossibly ridiculous challenges await me tomorrow morning.


Sunday night is calling, so I’ll just let the machine pick up.


When I woke up this morning, I really had no plans of being fantastic. But what could I do?


Never underestimate the power of a good morning message, especially when it comes from me. Good morning!

Happy Sunday Images

Happy Sunday

There’s no arguing about it: Sundays are for sleeping in!

This is the day you devote to catching up on sleep. Relish the fact that there’s no wake-up alarm to rouse you from your deep slumber.

You can choose to skip breakfast so that you can sleep some more, or you can wake up and then have brunch and then go back to sleep again.

Draw down the blinds and wear your comfiest jammies. Crank up the AC just so you can snuggle deeper in the covers.

You’ll do Sunday sleep-ins exactly like a boss!

Happy Sunday

You know you’ve been looking forward to having a proper and luxurious bubble bath since Monday.

Now that it’s Sunday, you can spend hours in the tub, soaking in your favorite bath bombs or bubble bath.

Play your favorite music and sing your heart out or listen to an audio book as you relax in the water.

You can even prop your phone somewhere dry and watch the latest episode of your favorite Netflix show. The possibilities in the bath tub are endless!

Happy Sunday

Sundays are also for sipping coffee and reading in bed.

It’s so hard to squeeze in some reading time at work, especially when there are bosses all around.

It’s also not the perfect reading experience when you read on the train, bus, or in your Uber because it’s easy to get dizzy and nauseous.

But Sundays give you the freedom to ignore the rest of the world and spend some serious one on one time with your hot new fiction.

Prepare a cup of tea or coffee. Read on your bed, your couch, or on your patio chairs.

You can read anywhere as long as you are mighty comfortable!

Happy Sunday

On Sundays, you can truly have a proper meal. You can enjoy a long and filling brunch with friends or family as you exchange stories about anything under the sun.

If cooking is not your forte, you can easily pop over to the nearest brunch place in your neighborhood and tag some friends along.

Happy Sunday

When you decide that you’ve had enough of reading, eating, and sleeping all day, what else can be better than bingeing on the latest and trending new show?

You can make a day of it and invite a few people. Prepare drinks and snacks for everyone.

Or you can make it a solo affair and just watch straight from your laptop with the volume on high.

Sunday Memes

Happy Sunday

Who would’ve thought that setting the alarm for Monday morning can be the most difficult thing to do?

And then right after you set the alarm, you also start to count number of hours of sleep that you can squeeze in between now and your alarm.

The thought that you are hours away from Monday morning can leave you tossing and turning, further robbing you of precious hours that you should be spending on sleep!

Happy Sunday

If only there was a way to pause and rewind the weekend! If only there was a way to fast forward from Monday to the weekend!

Time flies when you’re having fun, but sometimes weekends do just pass at lightning speed, leaving you completely disoriented and unprepared for Monday.

When Monday rolls around, it always feels like time is crawling at a snail’s pace. Is there anyway Mondays can trade places with Sundays?

Happy Sunday

Parting with the weekend is always such sweet sorrow. No matter how much sleep or party you had over the weekend, it will always leave you hanging.

You’ll always be wanting to extend Saturday so that you will not have to spend your Sunday worrying about the coming Monday!

Thankfully, weekends always come around. It’s totally up to you how you will spend a whole week without going crazy.

Happy Sunday

Everybody looks forward to the weekend. And then when Sunday night comes around, everyone also has conflicting emotions about it.

There’s a mix of sadness that Sunday is over and dread that Monday is fast approaching.

Sunday night will also be usually spent thinking of grand schemes to skip work on Monday without being obvious that you just have the Monday blues.

Happy Sunday

Some people like to squeeze in as many activities as they can every Sunday.

Some people like to do absolutely nothing and spend the entire day in bed or on the couch.

Whatever you decide to do with your Sunday, it’s 100% your decision.

Clear your schedule so that you have time to do nothing!

You deserve a full day of rest after a whole week of working at the office or doing work around the house.

Don’t feel guilty if you all you want to do is laze around with your bedhead and pajamas.

Just don’t get stressed when Sunday night comes and you’re still wide awake from all the sleeping that you did all day!

Quotes about Sundays That will Set You on a Positive Mood

If you want to have an awesome Sunday, wake up with brightness, energy, and positivity. This will set the tone of your whole day, and possibly even the rest of the week. Have a beautiful Sunday!


Remember that it’s not just another Sunday. When you look at it from the right perspective, it’s another opportunity to make your dreams come true.


Sometimes things happen that will make you change the way you look at life. But every day is a good day. Some are just a little better than others. Have a terrific Sunday!


Life can be hard, but it can also be easy. Either way, you need to work hard to have the life that you want. Good morning, Sunday!


May your Sunday be filled with wonderful surprises that will take your breath away. Have a great Sunday!


Today is going to be great day, so go out there and shower the world with your amazing self. Have a wonderful Sunday!


If I have to wish something for you, it’s for you to have beautiful days like today every single day of your life. Good morning, and I hope that this day turns out to be one of the best for you!


Treasure your relationship with people who make you happy. But treasure those relationships with people who can’t be happy without you even more.


If you want every day to be good, just look at the sunny side of everything! Have a wonderful Sunday!


On this day, choose to be happy. Choose to be bright. Choose to be you! Have a great day!


And just like that it’s Sunday again. Have a great day, and don’t forget to be your usual terrific self. Good morning!


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to experience something different, and to meet different people. Grab these opportunities and use them to change the world! Have an illuminating and inspiring Sunday.


You only travel this life once. Every moment becomes a memory, so try to make each one an unforgettable one. I hope you’re having a beautiful day!


Everybody wants to be happy. But people often forget that to enjoy looking at the rainbow, you need to experience a little rain first. I hope that you’re having a wonderful Sunday!


Always remember that you are brilliant, worthy, special, unique, beautiful, and irreplaceable. Today is just another day to show the world all these things about you. Have the best Sunday!


As you sip your morning coffee, think about all the wonderful possibilities of this day. Good morning!


Whenever you’re feeling low, weak, or afraid, always remember that I’m here by your side to support you and encourage you. Have a great Sunday!


My morning greeting does not only mean that I’m wishing you a good morning. I’m also giving you a silent message that I remembered you when I woke up and I can’t wait to spend the whole day with you! Good morning!


Wake up and open your eyes to the possibilities. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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