13 Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes

Say thank you for your birthday wishes in a fun and unique way with one of these special quotes.

13 thank you for birthday wishes

There are two kinds of people in this world.

Those who hate it when their birthdays come around, and those who love it and all that comes with birthday celebrations.

If you’re the latter, you love the happy and expectant feeling that you get when your birthday month comes around, and you like seeing that date encircled on your planner journal.

You get excited about planning your birthday, even if it’s just a small dinner party with close friends and family. You find it enjoyable to find a restaurant to hold your dinner party, or to plan the menu you will be preparing at home.

When you do decide to have a party, you cannot wait to get started on the decorations, the food, the music, and the party keepsakes. After all, you have spent months planning, organizing, and getting ideas from Pinterest.

When the Birthday Wishes Start Pouring In

Whenever your birthday comes around, your social media timeline and inboxes will be flooded with birthday greetings from family, friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances.

Whether you share a close relationship or not, the fact that they took a few seconds of their time to greet you a happy birthday truly means a lot.

There will also be those people who will greet you the old-fashioned way and show up at your door with cakes and balloons.

They will call you at the stroke of midnight and sing you the Happy Birthday song. They will wake you up in the middle of the night with cake and confetti and record everything on video.

All these birthday wishes will make you feel loved and special, but you will definitely wonder how you can thank each one without sounding robotic or repetitive.

Simply clicking on the Like button on Facebook is not enough because not only does it look lazy and detached, it also looks like you cannot be bothered to write a simple Thank You message for all the birthday wishes you received. Here are some great ways you can do it.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes: How to Do It Properly

Saying Thank You for the birthday wishes that you received should not be difficult.

A simple but straightforward Thank You should suffice. This is still preferable than just liking a post, or worse, not even doing anything with that birthday greeting.

There are lots of creative ways to say thank that are not just limited to these two words. Remember that when saying Thank You, the sincerity and the gratitude should be there.

All these people took the time and made the effort to wish you a happy birthday, so you should also take the time to thank them for their lovely birthday wishes.

The best way to thank them is to comment on their posts and make your comments as personalized as possible. Keep them short and simple but heartwarming. If you have hundreds of friends, take some time out from your busy day to do this.

You can create one general Thank You post and tag everyone who wished you a happy birthday, but you might end up missing someone.

You can skip the tagging part and just post a heartfelt Thank You message and hope that your friends see and receive your thanks.

Friends and family who greet you over the phone, through video chat, through email, or face to face also deserve many thanks.

Greeting you on Facebook is too easy, so they went out of their way to make sure that their birthday greeting will stand out.

For these very special people, they also deserve a very special kind of Thank You message. You can choose to record your very own personal Thank You messages, or you can write a Thank You note and hand deliver it to them.

The more unique your Thank You message is, the better.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes from Family

Most people will not make an extra effort to give Thank You messages for birthday wishes because you see them and talk to them every day.

You may even feel a little awkward telling your parents Thank You, or giving your siblings an appreciative hug. That’s only normal because not everyone is comfortable with public displays of affection, especially when it’s family you’re talking about.

But it’s your family that you really should thank and be thankful for because they are the people who give you unconditional love every day, even with no special occasion.

Here are just some examples of Thank You messages for birthday wishes received from family members.

You guys always make me feel happy whenever my birthday comes around. You give the most amazing gifts and prepare the most delicious food. If this is what it means to turn a year older, I wouldn’t mind getting old every day! Thank you so much for the very lovely birthday surprise. I love you, and there’s no one else I’d rather spend my birthday with.


I can honestly say that I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful family. You always make a grand celebration of my birthday, and I don’t think I will ever grow tired of it, no matter how old I get. You make my birthdays so much fun. Thank you so much for all the love that you give me every single day of my life. You make me so happy to be alive.


Although I don’t say this all the time, I want you to know how happy I am that I have wonderful parents and siblings like you. Not everyone is blessed to have such supportive parents and siblings that are more like best friends to you. Thank you so much for the great birthday celebration.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes from Friends

They are the people who are more excited than you whenever your birthday comes around. They cannot wait to get started on party planning and throw the most amazing birthday party or birthday celebration for you.

They take it upon themselves to plan the best birthday ever because that’s how much they love you.

You have so much history together because you have been through so much over the years. They have stayed with you through the good times and the bad times.

For this, they deserve only the warmest and most heartfelt thanks.  

It was truly a night that I will remember forever. Thank you to all those who came down to my birthday party last night and partied like it was the weekend. I know that all of you still had work the following morning, but you all came to celebrate my special day with me. That really meant a lot. I hope you all had fun, and I hope it was worth the very late night. Thank you for the wonderful gifts and surprises. You are truly the best friends anyone could ever have.


God has really blessed me with the world’s most wonderful friends! I was expecting your yearly ‘surprise’ party, but you really went above and beyond my expectations this year. I don’t know how you managed to pull this surprise off, but I’m so glad that you did. It will be very hard to top this one next year. Thank you very much for doing all these for me. My heart is so full of love and happiness. I’ll be thinking about this birthday for months. Thank you, thank you, thank you, guys!


Thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes and awesome birthday presents. You all helped make my birthday a very happy and unforgettable one. I hope you know how great it feels to have amazing friends like you to share all my birthdays with. I love you, guys!


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of you for making my birthday such a wonderful day. Thank you for the birthday wishes, greetings, jokes, phone calls, and notes. Thank you for that really cool birthday present that deserves a spot on my bedroom wall. You have all been amazing, and I will cherish this day forever.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes from your Romantic Partner

They make each day so very special simply by existing. Birthdays are a big deal when it comes to couples because they are a reminder of the day that you were born in this world.

When your birthday comes around, they just cannot help but think of a world without you in it.

What if you had not been born? What if you had been born in a different era? What if you two never met? Many things could have played out, but still you managed to find your way to each other. That in itself is something to celebrate!

When it comes to thank you messages for your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, there’s really no sweeter way to say them than just by being honest and true.

The things that you want to say to that special someone only come from a place of love and joy, so coming up with the perfect Thank You message should be a walk in the park.

I always say a little prayer of gratitude to God for giving you to me. What an amazing and fantastic birthday it was. You had it all planned to perfection. I did not suspect a thing at all! Thank you for the very lovely dinner and the fabulous birthday present. I seriously didn’t want the night to end. Thank you giving me one of the most incredible nights of my life.


You always make sure that my birthday is special. You always come up with the best ideas to celebrate, and this year is no exception. Thank you for making it your life’s mission to make every birthday unforgettable, when truly you are the gift that I open every day. My life has been so much blessed since you came. Thank you for making me happy every day and not just on my birthday.


I was kind of hoping that this birthday will be more low-key than the last, but you always find a way to surprise me with the best kind of birthday surprises. Thank you for going to so much trouble just to make me happy. This is one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes from Colleagues

You spend most of your time at work, so it’s really no surprise if you spend a birthday at work, too.

There will be plenty of well wishes from your bosses and colleagues, and it will truly feel like you are a mini-celebrity of sorts.

Sometimes there will be food and drinks, and sometimes there will also be gifts. But birthday wishes will never be gone, and they will come from anyone in the office, even the ones that you’re not that close to.

Show your colleagues your appreciation, even if it’s just a birthday cake or a little birthday gift. It’s the thought that counts, and it’s the warm birthday wishes that matter.

Even if everyone is busy with work, they still took some time out to wish you a very happy birthday!

I would like to say a very big thank you for all the birthday greetings, gifts, and surprises that I got today. Thank you for making me feel so special and so loved. This is truly one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had at the office!


Your birthday wishes have become some of my cherished memories. They will stay with me forever and remind me of the happy times I’ve had here in this company. My birthday may just have been a day, but your warm wishes will keep me feeling happy and blessed for the rest of the year. Thank you all so much for remembering!


Your wonderful birthday wishes simply blew me away. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to send your birthday greetings. They really mean a lot. Your birthday greetings and wishes truly made my day worth celebrating.

Messages to Express Your Thanks for Birthday Wishes

Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. You are all very sweet and thoughtful, and I appreciate all the love. You made my birthday all the more wonderful.


I feel so loved and blessed for all the birthday love. You truly made this day unforgettable. Thank you, guys!


I’m so blessed to have people like you in my life. Thank you for remembering my birthday, even without Facebook reminding you about it! I appreciate all your sweet birthday messages and wishes.


I would like to thank you all for remembering my special day and sending sweet birthday wishes my way.


You are the most generous boyfriend ever! Thank you so much for knowing exactly what will make this birthday memorable. I love it so much!


Getting older doesn’t feel so awful when I have friends and family like you who know how to make me feel special and loved. Thank you so much for remembering me and taking some time out of your busy schedules to be with me. I love you all!


I have such a terrific set of friends! I appreciate all the birthday greetings and surprise videos. I didn’t realize I mattered to you that much. Sniff, sniff. You all made my day happy and special. Thank you for being a part of it!


I am so touched by all your thoughtful birthday messages. Thank you for making this day so much brighter and happier. Sweet hugs to each and every one of you.


To all my incredible friends, thank you so much for all your warm birthday wishes. I loved reading every one of them. My heart is so full. The way I look at it is that I’m only getting better with every year that passes. Lots of love for all of you!


This day made me feel so spoiled on so many levels. This is why I love birthdays! Thank you for sending all your birthday wishes. I love you all!


It was a birthday well-spent with loved ones. I’m freshly bathed and clean-faced, wearing my favorite pajamas and cozied up in bed while reading all your sweet birthday greetings. Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday!


Thank you for your birthday greetings and making my birthday extra special. You have all been a part of it in your own sweet way. Thanks for thinking of me. I love you all, and I’m grateful for having such wonderful friends.


First of all, you didn’t have to send me a birthday gift! You are too sweet! I loved it very much. Thank you. It’s a very thoughtful gift. You still remember how much I love vintage stuff. Again, thank you so much for remembering my birthday.


Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. I also appreciate the very nice birthday gift. I feel so thankful for the short but sweet time that we spent together. I hope we can do it again soon. I missed you!

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