40 Thank You Notes for a Boss

Say ‘Thank You, Boss’ with one of these Thank You Notes…

How do you say thank you to your boss for something nice that they did, for their words of encouragement, or for their token of appreciation?

Here are some examples of what to write in your Thank You notes for a boss that will express your appreciation and hopefully endear you to them.

15 Thank You Notes to a Boss for a Promotion, Recognition, or Gift Received

Thank you, Boss, for the very thoughtful gift. You didn’t have to, but many thanks all the same for the sweet gesture. Thank you for your warm welcome for me to the team. I look forward to using this gift very soon!


I knew I made the right choice when I accepted your offer to work for your company. This is my first day and I already feel right at home. Thank you, Boss, for such a warm welcome and for making sure that I have everything I need here.


Thank you so much for the gift! It feels great to be recognized for a job well done. Your generosity and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated. Thank you for always being there to encourage me to do my best.


What an honor it is to receive a gift from the big boss himself. Thank you, Boss, for your thoughtfulness. It’s pretty incredible that you still remember that bit of information from one of our conversations a few months ago. I appreciate it very much.


Thank you so much, Boss, for the gift basket. It’s very nice to know that you remembered my birthday and what kinds of chocolates I like. I appreciate the gesture very much.


Being noticed for something I did well at work is very gratifying indeed. Thank you, Boss, for noticing my hard work and finding a very creative way to offer a compliment. I love the little gift as well.


Thank you so much, Boss, for giving such a wonderful gift on this very special day. Your gift made this day all the more special.


You didn’t have to get me anything for today, Boss. But I’m very touched that you went out of your way to pick me something that you know I’d like. I appreciate it very much. Thank you!


I’m so thankful that you’re my boss. Not every boss is as nice and sweet as you. Not every boss gives their employees truly thoughtful birthday gifts. Thank you, Boss. I like it very much.


Your words of encouragement mean the world to me. Thank you for giving me the chance to learn from you. Thank you so much, too, for the very sweet gift that you got for us in your last overseas trip. It’s very beautiful and it will look just perfect in my living room.


It’s been such a pleasure working for you the past ten years, Boss. I have learned so much from you and I will forever carry all these lessons in the next chapter of my career. I loved the going away present as well. Thank you so much, Boss!


I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for giving me the break that I needed. You believed in me and in what I could do. This promotion wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank you, Boss!


Thank you for your confidence in me and for entrusting me with such a major project. I will not let you down, Boss. You will be very happy with the results.


Since the first day we started working together, I’ve changed a lot in so many good ways. You are one of the people who motivate me to always try my best. Thank you, Boss. Thank you for the gift to make sure that I stay motivated.


I’m so happy that you took me under your wing. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for your motivation and encouragement. Thank you for this recognition. Rest assured that it will only inspire me to work even harder. Thanks, Boss.

25 Thank You Notes to a Boss for Everything They Have Done for You

To a boss I truly admire, thank you for empowering me with knowledge, for motivating me, and for helping me move ahead. As a leader, friend, and human being, you are truly an inspiration.


All my professional achievements were made possible because of your mentorship. Without your direction and vision, my career would have gone a different route. A significant part of my professional life has been molded by you, which is why I’m truly grateful to have you as my boss. I will miss working with you and wish you all the best in this new chapter of your career.


To the best boss I’ve ever had, I want to extend my sincerest thanks. You made me feel confident about myself and what I can do. You were always ready to listen and help me with my concerns, whether professional or personal. You were simply the person I can come to for advice and guidance. It makes me sad that you will no longer be around here every day to work with us, but I’m excited for you and what your future will bring. Thank you for everything and we will miss you very much!


I take pride in being mentored by one of the most accomplished leaders in the industry. I want to proudly tell you that I have absorbed every nugget of wisdom that you shared with me over the years. Having you as my boss and mentor has been such a wonderful blessing. I learned so much from you. It’s truly a privilege to work with someone like you. The only downside to this is that our working relationship will soon be over because you are leaving for greener pastures. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for everything.


I hate to lose a wonderful boss like you and face the challenge of getting to know my new boss. I will miss you and the admirable way you run things around here. I may get a new boss soon, but no one can ever fill your shoes. You are truly one of a kind, Boss! Thank you and good luck!


It never occurred to me that I would ever leave this company because I am truly happy here. I have great coworkers who make every day fun and productive. I love what I do, and I truly respect you, Boss. I know that I will never find another boss that’s so kind and supportive like you. Which is why leaving is so hard. Thank you and I will never forget everything that you have taught me.


I just want to tell you that I consider myself truly lucky to have had the chance of working with someone like you. You make even the most challenging task feel like a wonderful learning opportunity. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me and for making my stay here in this company so unforgettable.


No words can express the amount of gratitude that I have for you. You have been an integral part in my rise to success. I don’t know where I would be without your guidance, advice, and motivation. Thank you and you have my gratitude forever.


I will miss seeing you in your office and in our monthly meetings. You are truly one of the few people who have inspired me to be better and to work hard for my dreams. Because of you, I have a real shot at making that happen. Thank you, Boss, and all the best to you in your new endeavors.


You just possess a wisdom and confidence that inspires anyone you talk to. That includes me. I will never forget the day I first heard you speak. You motivated me right then and there to follow my passion and chase after my dreams. And here I am. Thank you, Boss, for being such a great inspiration.


You are a boss and a friend, and I owe so much to you. Since day one, you never treated me like a rookie. You saw my potential and never stopped until I unleashed it. Thank you for always believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you being such a great boss.


You are the face of this company, which is why it’s so hard to accept that you will be leaving. But I understand your reasons, and I know that they are valid reasons. Do what’s best for you, Boss, because you have spent so much time growing this company. Now it’s time to focus on you and your health. Best of luck, Boss, and thank you.


I know that it’s rather short notice. But I know you will understand that when an opportunity like this comes along, you simply have to grab it. Thank you, Boss, for being so understanding. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. I will never forget your kindness and generosity.


If you hadn’t been my boss, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you for always pushing me, for inspiring me, and for guiding me. Thank you for your role in changing my life for the better.


Work will never be the same without you around. But I understand that you have worked all those years to get to this very momentous day. Congratulations on your retirement, Boss, and thank you for all your help.


Becoming a boss like you is no easy feat. It takes brains, guts, strength, and plenty of heart. You’ve got all of that and more. Thank you, Boss!


I know that I still have a long way to go, but I just want you to know that I want to have a career as illustrious as yours, Boss. Thank you for being such an inspiration.


Everyone deserves to have a boss as kind, generous, humble, supportive, intelligent, wise, thoughtful, and caring as you. Maybe then everyone will be inspired to come to work and do what they’re supposed to do. Thank you for being such terrific boss!


We are great at what we do because we have a great man at the helm. You have the vision, and we have the talents to make it happen. We are truly like a well-oiled machine. Thank you for inspiring us to be better and for motivating us to dream big.


For all the years that I have been working with you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you bored, exhausted, or burnt out. That’s why it’s hard for me to believe that you will soon be retiring. This place will benefit from you being around for a few more decades if I’m being completely honest. Thank you, Boss!


I know that I haven’t been with this company for a long time, but I can truly see myself working here until I retire. That’s mainly because of you, Boss, and how much you take care of all of us here. Work does not feel like work because I’m truly having fun and learning so much here. For that, thank you very much!


You are someone I truly look up to since the beginning. I appreciate you for being my boss and mentor. Thank you for all that you have done for me and all that you have taught me.


I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. I would still be completely lost without your guidance and mentorship. I’m really lucky for having the best boss in the world. Thank you!


You are such a great teacher, mentor, boss, and friend. Your wise words and lessons have helped shape my career. Thank you for all that you do and for being the most supportive boss ever.


Everything that you have taught me means a lot to me. You are truly an exemplary boss, and I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities that you made possible for me. Thank you!

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