41 Ways to Say Happy Birthday Man

True friends are hard to find…

Looking for heartwarming or hilarious ways to greet a friend who’s truly a man’s man?

Read through this entertaining collection of Happy Birthday Man quotes and messages that will inspire you to send the most appropriate birthday message for that guy friend.

10 Heartwarming Happy Birthday Man Quotes

When it comes to being a wonderful friend and a great guy, nobody compares. Here’s to getting another year older. Happy birthday man!

We all have that guy friend who we can’t help but love because of his overall niceness, sweetness, respectfulness, and everything that makes guy friends so wonderful.

These kinds of friends often end up being lifelong friends who will see you through every up and down and every high and low.

When you find one, don’t ever let them go!

Happy birthday man! Being your friend is the coolest gift of all. I wish you a very happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy every single minute.

When you have at least one friend that you can truly consider a best friend, you are a very rich person. Real friends are so hard to find, and they don’t happen instantly.

They stay in your life for a long time and stick with you no matter what happens. If you have friendships who have stood the test of time, count yourself truly blessed.

Happy birthday man! My wish for you is that you will always put smiles on the faces of people around you.

To wish your friend the most expensive gifts is a sweet sentiment. But to wish them to keep being a source of joy to many people also says a lot of good things about you as a friend!

Cheers to you, my friend! It’s your birthday once again. I hope you enjoy your day with lots of food and free flowing beer. Happy birthday man!

What’s a birthday celebration without greasy food and non-stop beers, right? Without these things, it’s just really a birthday…meeting.

I wish you a happy and memorable day and an even incredible year. Happy birthday man!

Why wish for a happy day when you can wish for happy today, tomorrow, and happy all days after that? When you want to spread good vibes and good wishes, you might as well go all out!

To the dude who always makes my life crazier and more exciting, I want you to know that I’m thankful to have you as my friend. I love you and I mean that in the most non-romantic way. Here’s to a great birthday and an even greater year. Happy birthday man!

If you have guy friends, you should know that they rarely declare how much they love their friends or how much they mean to them.

They will only be a little expressive if someone is on their deathbed, or when someone is getting married, or when someone suffered a major loss, or when someone is celebrating a birthday.

I wish your day is filled with music, laughter, love, and happiness. You’re a great friend, and you have proven to me time and time again that you always have my back. Happy birthday man!

Guy best friends are different. They don’t like drama, they don’t share their problems readily, and they don’t like dealing with emotions.

But when it comes right down to it, they will not hesitate to defend, protect, and look after each other during times of sadness, grief, or danger.

To my friend who’s a natural charmer, a truly handsome guy by most standards, and loyal to a fault, today is your day. I hope that it’s an epic one. Even more epic than the last. Happy birthday man!

If you have guy friends, you should also know that they don’t care if you’re good-looking, rich, smart, or successful.

As long as you hit it off and show that you are someone that can be trusted and relied upon, you will always be a good friend in their books.

Always dance to the beat of your heart and enjoy every single moment. Even if you don’t know how to dance. Love you like a brother. I wish you all the best. Happy birthday man!

Friends that support each other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies will remain best friends for a very long time.

Cheers to you on your birthday. Now let’s drink. Happy birthday man! May you have many more birthdays to come.

A birthday is not a birthday if you’re a guy and there’s no booze involved.

Just drink responsibly and make sure that everything that transpires will be remembered the following day.

31 Funny Happy Birthday Man Quotes

Happy birthday man! May your problems be as few and far between as my grandma’s teeth.

The older you get, the more problems you face. As you celebrate another birthday, may your happiness be more than your stress.

I see a little more of me in you with every year that passes, and we’re not even related. Happy birthday man!

We spend so much time together that people are starting to think that we’re related or something.

Surely you don’t mind because I look like a movie star.

It takes a long time to grow old. Now here you are, another year older. Happy birthday man!

If it really does take a long time, why does it feel like you were only celebrating your birthday yesterday? You grow old too fast.

Even good for nothing friends like you deserve a birthday greeting. Happy birthday man!

I was really planning on posting something really cool on your Facebook page, and then I remembered that your whole family can see it. I’ll DM it to you instead.

You’re still younger than me, so there’s that. Happy birthday man! I hope you have a really great time today.

No matter how many birthdays we celebrate, and no matter how much you deny your age, the fact remains that you will always be younger than me. I think I will always hate you a little bit for that.

I got 99 problems but forgetting your birthday is definitely not one of them. Happy birthday man!

I may have problems with work, with my finances, with my family, or with my personal relationship, but I will not forget the birthday of a very dear friend who has never caused me problems.

Happy birthday to a friend that I love so much that people thought we were gay. Happy birthday man!

We spend a ridiculous amount of time together. We are always on trips together, and we always post photos together in our many escapades.

I can’t really blame them for thinking that we’re together together. I never had this much photos and trips even with my ex!

There are a lot of famous people born on your birthday. Sadly, you’re not one of them. Happy birthday man!

But to me, you will always be the guy who spent a whole day waiting outside a Four Seasons Hotel waiting to see Jennifer Aniston when all along she’s checked in at a different hotel.

Congratulations on completing another 365 days of moving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other kinds of gases to and from the blood. Happy birthday man!

Keeping you alive surely is a very complicated physical process! Make sure to thank your organs for keeping you alive this long.

Here’s to another year of questionable decisions. Happy birthday man!

If I have to be perfectly honest, you only make sound decisions 10% of the time. And that’s usually when you’ve had too much to drink.

I know I don’t say this often because we are allergic to feelings. But I love the hell out of you. Happy birthday man!

Life would seriously suck without a crazy, wild, stupid, and funny friend like you. I want to say ‘never change’. But if you don’t, you’re probably never going to get a good wife.

I wish you a very happy birthday because Facebook sent me a notification. But seriously, happy birthday man!

You know I never forget your birthday even before there was Facebook. My mom always made sure to write it down on a Post-It somewhere.

You are going to have a happy birthday and like my gift. Understand? Happy birthday man!

You should know how much I hate shopping and how much I hate picking out gifts. I don’t care if this shirt is pink and has a pony on it. You’re going to say thank you and that you love it. Are we clear?

Another beer older, another beer wiser. Happy birthday man!

I just have a feeling that no matter how many birthdays we celebrate, we will lose our hair or all our teeth, but we will never lose the beer.

I regret to inform you that your 20s have now expired. Happy birthday man!

Now, let the 30s commence and let’s make it last until we are in our 80s.

Don’t worry about getting older. You’re still going to do stupid stuff, only slower. Happy birthday man!

But come to think of it, you have always been slow, so not much difference there.

You’re only as old as you remember you are. Happy birthday man, and I hope that it’s an epic one.

Let’s celebrate your first 35th birthday and make it last until your 60th birthday.

Congratulations on being another year older and still having a low level of maturity. You inspire me so much. Happy birthday man!

I know that you are baby-faced and all, but you don’t really have to be a baby about adult matters, too.

Not cool, man! Here’s to growing up and being responsible and mature adults.

Happy birthday man! From your friend who endures your burps and farts and still calls you a friend anyway.

I have endured it so much that I have built an immunity to it, I guess.

Happy birthday man! I wish I could compute how old you are, but you know how I hate math.

All I know is that you’re in your late 30s, right?

It’s your birthday! Get to the bar early and drink yourself drunk. We know you’re too old to close it down. Happy birthday old man!

Or if you’re not down for it, I can bring a bottle of wine and let’s play bridge instead.

Thank you for always being older than me. Happy birthday man!

Because you are older, I have the right to call you old man anytime I want.

I remembered that I forgot your birthday. Happy birthday man! Let me make up to you on your next birthday!

My memory has always been my weakest point.

At least you’re not as old as you will be next year, right? Happy birthday man!

Just remember that you’re never this age again. That should ease the blow of growing old another year.

You know I’d bake you a cake from scratch if I knew how to use an oven. Happy birthday man. On my way to the store now for your store-bought birthday cake, by the way.

That’s what cake shops are for!

Happy birthday man. You’re one year closer to death. I hope you celebrate this birthday like it’s your last!

Everyone will die sooner or later, but your age is so much closer to it than the rest of us.

Hey, another birthday! Before you know it, your age will surpass your IQ. Happy birthday man!

Unless your IQ somehow magically increases before your next birthday comes.

Let’s just admit it, shall we? Your life would suck without me. Happy birthday man! I hope you have a birthday as awesome as me.

I am the real life of the party here, you know.

May you live to be so old that your family talks about you like you’re not even there. Happy birthday man!

Here’s to immortality!

Sorry if I care so much about your birthday that it’s making you uncomfortable. Happy birthday man!

I just really, really love you and I really, really love birthdays.

You’re a good friend. I like you. When I conquer the world, I will give you a quick and painless death. Happy birthday man!

But I hope that it never comes to that.

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