16 Emotional Wedding Day Quotes for the Bride to Be

16 Quotes for the Bride that she will absolutely love

wedding quotes for the bride

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Every woman dreams of being a bride one day. When someone dear to you becomes a bride herself, it will be a happy and momentous occasion for the whole family as well.

You will be swept away in the wedding flurry, and you will be looking forward to the big day, just like the bride and the groom.

You will be filled with excitement, happiness, and even trepidation. Sometimes you will wish the whole thing to be over so that you can all get back to your normal day-to-day routines.

Sometimes you will also wish that you can delay the big day so you can still enjoy moments with the bride, sans the groom.

There are many ways to wish the bride a happy married life, and you don’t need to wait until the big day to say it to her.

Knowing that you are happy and excited for this new chapter in her life will make her wedding day all the more special and unforgettable!



Wedding Day Quotes for the Bride from the Groom

You may tell her how beautiful she looks, how lucky you are to have her, and how beautiful your future looks every time you’re together.

Telling her all these things on your wedding day will have a more powerful, beautiful, and poignant effect.

Because this is the day you will be exchanging vows in front of family and friends, and making the commitment to love each other forever.

It may be an overwhelming task to come up with the right words to make your beautiful bride feel calm, excited, and giddy all at the same time!

Thankfully, these wonderful wedding day quotes to the bride from the groom got you covered.

Until today, I still cannot believe that someone like you would fall in love with someone like me. Sometimes I want to pinch myself just to make sure that I’m not dreaming this all up. Today I will marry the woman of my dreams, the future mother of my kids, my answered prayer, my best friend, my partner in crime, my biggest fan, and my happily ever after. I wish everyone will feel the happiness that I feel whenever I’m with you. Their heads are going to reel at just how happy you make me. I love you, and I promise to make you happy, loved, and cherished every day that we are together.


From the very first moment that I saw you, I knew that you were different. I knew from the loving way you took care of me, and made everyone I love feel just as loved, that you were going to be my future wife. I have never been so certain about anything or anyone in my life. Something inside me is telling me that we are going to have the best life there is, and we will be achieving all our goals together. I know that with the two of us together, nothing is impossible. I promise to always be here for you, to hold your hand when you’re scared, to hug you when you’re tired, and to make you laugh when you’re sad. I cannot wait to get married to you and begin the rest of our lives together.


I thank you, my dearest, for inspiring me every day to be the best version of myself. Thank you for being my guiding light, my moral compass, my life coach, my stand-up comedian, my lover, and my best friend. I promise to be all these things to you, too, and more. For you, I will work hard to make the impossible possible. I love you with all my heart, and I cannot wait to be husband and wife so that we can start with our forever.


Looking back now, I’m thankful for the failed relationships and the broken hearts, because they led me straight to you. Thank you for making me believe in myself, in us. Thank you for making me believe in love again. Most important of all, thank you for making me the luckiest man in the world by loving me and saying yes to being my wife.

Wedding Day Quotes for the Bride from the Father

If you want to find the father of the bride in a room full of guests, he’s usually the most emotional man fighting back tears or gazing adoringly at his forever princess.

If only it were possible for fathers to keep their daughters for good, take care of them forever, and shield them from all the pain and heartbreaks, they would.

It’s a bittersweet moment to be giving away a daughter so dear to the man of her dreams.

It will be a little heartbreaking to think about the fact that the little girl is now a woman, and that she will be building a new life with her new husband.

These wedding day quotes from the father of the bride are full of love and sentimentality, and there will not be a dry eye in the room.

On the happiest day of your life, I want you to know that you will always be daddy’s girl. You may have found the man of your dreams, but I will never stop holding your hand, loving you from afar, and praying for your everlasting happiness. You have a place in my heart that no one can ever have, always and forever. You are his queen now, but forever you will be my princess.


No man can ever love another woman the way a father loves his daughter. Getting married to the man of your dreams will not change a single thing. No matter how old you may be, no matter how sure you are about the world, and no matter how successful you become, you will always have me when you need me. No questions asked.


I may be giving you away to your husband today, on your wedding day, but always remember that I loved you first. I still do, and I always will.


My dream for you is that you will always stay as bright and beautiful as you are, that you will keep dreaming big dreams, and that you will always know your father will love you no matter what. You’re my pretty rainbow and my pot of gold, and you will always have my hand to hold.

Wedding Day Quotes for the Bride from the Mother

Now that the big day is here, mothers will suddenly find themselves having so much they want to tell their daughters but not finding the right words.

One can say that it’s even as challenging as writing the wedding vows themselves.

Share in your daughter’s happiness and excitement.

Express how much you love you’re her and let her in on what she can expect on the big day. Reassure her that her wedding day is something that she will never forget and will always treasure forever.

I wish that your wedding day will be nothing short of magical. I wish it will be just like how you dreamed it would be from your little girl dreams. I wish that every bit of happiness and joy that you gave me will be given back to you a hundredfold. I hope that you grow to be stronger on your own and with your new husband, and that your lives together will be your constant source of strength and inspiration.


I have loved you ever since the day I found out I was pregnant with you. I have only loved you more and more as the years went by. I’ve watched you grow up right before my eyes. From your first shaky steps, to this day that you will be walking down the aisle. I am so proud of the woman you have become, and even prouder for the wife and mother that I know you will be.


It was only yesterday when I was singing you lullabies, brushing your hair, and playing with you under the rain. I can still remember every milestone and every birthday like it was just yesterday. I can’t believe how grown up you are, and I can’t help but wonder where did all that time go? You have been blessing in my life right from the very start, and I will love you forever with all my heart. Today, as you mark another milestone, bring with you all the lessons of the past and let them guide you in your future. I wouldn’t worry too much, because I know that you have a good head on your shoulders and your heart is in the right place. Here’s to the beginning of your happy ever after!


On your wedding day, I pray that you will experience the joy I felt the day I got married to your father. There will be plenty of laughter and tears, a lot of shared stories and happy cheers. Don’t be afraid, my darling, even if we don’t know what the future holds. You will be alright because you have the love of a good man, and he has you. We wish you a lifetime of wonderful moments. May every day you spend with your husband be a memory you will treasure forever.

Wedding Day Quotes for the Bride from Siblings

Siblings are usually the closest people to the bride. When a sibling gets married, it can be a very emotional affair. It is, after all, considered ‘the end of an era’.

Your relationship with each other will go through a huge change because you will no longer be your sibling’s priority. She will have her own family and children, and she will be spending all her time and energy on them.

It does not mean the end of being siblings, but it will not be the same anymore. You can tell your sister just how happy and sad you are at the thought of losing her to her husband, but still with plenty of love and warm wishes.

I’m so happy that you found the love that you’ve been dreaming about. I know what you had to go through just to have this kind of love. I know that all the tears and heartaches are worth it, because you are now marrying the man of your dreams. May your wedding day be just what you pictured in your head. Simple but elegant, charming and magical. May your wedding be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness and love. I wish you a wonderful life with your husband and future children. You deserve all things wonderful, today and the rest of your life.


I may no longer be the first person that you call for emergency sushi dates, ice cream runs at the 24-hour store, or late night walks around the block. I will probably have to call you days in advance if I want to grab a cup of coffee with you. But I will always be your sister, and I will always be your best friend. May your happiness and love for each other never end.


You make me so proud because you are making a commitment to love. As you begin a new chapter of your life, may you always be blessed with the gift of patience, understanding, kindness, love, and happiness. May all your days be filled with life’s most wonderful surprises.


There’s no doubt that you will be the most beautiful bride on your wedding day. Whenever I see that smile on your face at the mention of your groom’s name, I know that he will do a great job making you happy for the rest of your life. I love you and I wish you nothing but the best today and every day.

These wedding day quotes are sure to fill the bride’s heart with warmth and happiness. They will fill her with gratitude for having the best, most loving, and most supportive family there is.

Make her feel like a queen and send your heartfelt wishes and congratulations to make her wedding day the best day ever.

Inspiring Wedding Day Quotes for Brides

You don’t know how long I’ve searched for you. I almost gave up on love altogether, and then you came walking into my life and sweeping me off my feet. You chose to be with me even if I have a past, even if I’m flawed, and even if I’m not the kind of man you’ll fall in love with. But love is mysterious like that, and here we are on our wedding day. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I can’t wait to start forever with you.


One look at you and I knew that you were going to be in my life for a very long time. Thank you for saying yes to forever with me. You made me the happiest man today. I love you forever and always.


You love me, and you inspire me to be the man that you are worthy of. Thank you for all that you are and for everything you do. I just know that we will be happy as husband and wife. This is written in the stars.


I now understand why I had to go through all the heartaches and pains. It’s to appreciate and recognize the one who’s meant for me when she’s staring me right in the face. Thank you for coming into my life at just the perfect moment. Thank you for making me so happy. I can’t wait to get started on our happily ever after.


From this day forward, you will no longer walk through life alone. Your husband’s arms will be your refuge, and your husband’s heart will be your home. I wish you a lifetime of love and joy. You deserve the best kind of love there is.


You’re going to make such a beautiful bride. I can’t wait to witness your big day up close and stand there by your side. I will forever cherish being one of your bridesmaids. Best wishes, love!


I’m so honored to have been a witness to this wonderful day in your life. You are a gorgeous bride! May your marriage bring many happy and loving years.


There are just no other words to say it. You are the beautiful smile that I wear on my face every day. You are finally my wife. I just love the sound of that. Thank you for choosing me to spend your forever with. I love you!


Remember when you made that list of all the qualities that you want in your future husband? Well, here he is. You’ve found him! I wish you both nothing but love and happiness, in ridiculous amounts. I’m so happy for you. You make such a beautiful bride. Best wishes to you!


I just know that this is the beginning of the best times of your life. I’m so happy to see you looking so radiant and happy. You deserve this. I told you that you will soon have your happy ending, and here you are today. All the best to you and your new husband.


Best wishes to you and your groom! I’m as happy as you two are. Have the best wedding day and may you forever be happy in love.


It was such a beautiful ceremony. But nothing could be more beautiful than you. You looked absolutely precious in your wedding dress. I’m so glad I was here to witness your special day. God bless you and have the most wonderful married life.


A happy ever after is what I wish for you on your wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love and a truly unforgettable wedding. I know how much you worked to have the perfect wedding. Best wishes to you!

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