14 Unique Messages to Wish Someone a Happy Married Life

Use one of these unique messages to wish someone a happy married life in the future.

happy married life

There are many different ways that you can wish someone a happy married life. You can do it the way everybody else is doing it, which is by computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Or you can stick with the old-fashioned method of snail mail or telephone call. Better yet, you can do it by meeting up with the couple in person to give them your best.

Happy Married Life Messages for the Strong and Brave

Every bride and groom has a love story of how they met and fell in love.

It can be something really romantic and serendipitous, like being stranded in a thunderstorm and sharing one umbrella, or hailing the same taxi cab and ending up sharing the ride, or having an internet relationship and finally meeting in person at a train station platform.

There will also be stories about overcoming personal challenges and finding that person who inspired them to not let go.

There will be stories about broken hearts and crushed souls, and meeting someone who made them believe in love again.

No matter what the story is, there is an element of rising above the situation and overcoming challenges.

For that, it deserves these happy married life messages for those who refused to back down from the challenges of life and love.

They say that love is not something you find, but something that finds you. When it does find you, do your best to take care of it without holding it in a vise-like grip. Cherish it and let it blossom. Protect it without backing it into a corner. Keep it without limiting it. Celebrate it without flattering yourself. When you let love shine, it will reward you with so many wonderful things. This is what I wish for you in your married life. I wish you a love that honors you and calms you, that makes you feel safe and protected, that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, that inspires you to become a better person, and that makes you proud of all that you have accomplished in your life. Blessings of forever love and joy to you and your husband.


I’m not exactly the best person to give you happy married life messages because that part of my life did not exactly end in a happily ever after. However, I have learned a bunch of things from that experience, and I can tell you what not to do so you can have a lasting marriage. For instance, opposites do attract. But you need something in common if you want your marriage to last. Also, talking about your problems is not only therapeutic, it can save your marriage. You may be married to the love of your life, but your happiness is still your own responsibility. Most importantly, you don’t need to have everything all figured out. There’s always tomorrow to do that. Focus on the here and now so that you will not miss out on the important stuff. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. Your married life is just about to begin, so you have all the opportunities to make it right.


I’m a big fan of your love story because you don’t try to be the perfect couple with the perfect relationship. I admire you two because you are real and honest, and you’re not afraid to look like a fool for someone you love. You’re not afraid to try and to make mistakes. You both have your fair share of pains and disappointments, but you did not turn into bitter or cynical people. Yes, you’re more careful about who you love and who you trust, but it never really stopped you from having faith. It made you believe in love and happiness more. I know that your wedding day is just the beginning of many happy stories, and I can’t wait to hear all about them. Here’s to a happy married life and more!


It must be so wonderful to be you on this special day. Everything is perfection, from your wedding dress, to the wedding reception, to the flowers, to the table arrangement, down to the place settings. You are so blessed to be marrying such a kind and delightful man who clearly adores you. Your family and friends are all so very supportive and excited for you as you enter a new chapter of your life. I wish that you know just how lucky you are, and that you deserve all the good things that are coming your way. If I were in your shoes, I don’t think I will ever stop crying tears of happiness. Congratulations on your wedding, and may your happiness be only beginning!


If I’m to be completely honest, I didn’t think that you two would end up together. You were just too different, and you’re both stubborn as a mule. You fought over the smallest things, and you just loved getting a rise out of each other. But life has a way of surprising you, and love truly works in mysterious ways. Today you’re getting married and beginning a new life as husband and wife. I don’t want to be the dark cloud that hovers over your marriage, so I’m going to join in the celebration and wish you both the very best. You’re both adults, so you know what you’re doing. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after!


The secret to a happy married life is simple. Just stay married! Even if every fiber of your being is telling you to scream at the top of your lungs, throw things at each other, hurl expletives, or walk out the door, stay married. It will be easier said than done, of course. But it’s the staying every time you want to leave that matters. It’s the forgiving when all you want to do is be resentful. It’s the giving when all you want to be is selfish. It’s the standing up and fighting for love every time you feel like giving in and surrendering. May you always be full of courage, resolve, love, kindness, and acceptance. May your married life be a source of happiness and inspiration.

Happy Married Life Messages for the Hopeless Romantic

Those who never gave up on love despite the many challenges and disappointments they faced are rewarded with a love that they desire and deserve. They are the hopeless romantics who will keep on loving, because that’s just who they are. Even when the stakes are high and the odds are against them, they will still give it their all for a shot at love and happiness.

They are the ones with the best stories to tell, because they have the most colorful experiences. These happy married life messages for that hopeless romantic in your life is sure to tug at the heartstrings and make you want to celebrate the magic of love!

I know that your wedding will be the highlight of your life for a long time. Unless of course you become an overnight celebrity or a world leader somewhere. Your wedding has all the touches of your personality. Elegant, dainty, and romantic. I know that your views on life and love have changed over the years, and you no longer see the world through rose-colored glasses. I think this is a good thing because real life is not like the movies. You don’t get a happy ending just because moviegoers want a happy ending. But I’m so happy that you finally got your happy ending, because you’re one of the best, kindest, and most generous people I know. You deserve to be happy. May you always hold on to the promise of love, and may love always be kind to you and your husband.


I can still remember the way you talked about love all those years ago. I was so sure that you were never going to settle down. Imagine my surprise when I heard that you are finally tying the knot. But this is just how love is. Sooner or later, you will meet someone who will change everything and make you do things that you never even thought you could do. I’m so glad you met that person for you who changed the way you feel about love. Congratulations on finding your forever and always. May married life be just as beautiful, loving, and blissful as you’d hoped. Maybe even more than that. A toast to a happy married life!


For someone who didn’t believe in love and marriage, you have done very well for yourself. I just can’t help but recall all those late-night conversations that we had back then. How you wanted to just quit your job, save up, and travel the world. I remember how you shared your secret dreams with me. How you wanted to have your own YouTube channel and teach your subscribers the proper way of putting makeup. I remember the broken hearts and the quiet tears over boyfriends who turned out to be first-rate jerks. I’m so happy that life took you to a different and much better path. You may not have traveled to all the countries in the world or become a YouTube sensation, but you found real and honest love. That’s better than hitting the jackpot. I wish you the best wedding day and the happiest married life!

Happy Married Life Messages for the Funny Girl / Guy

For the funny girl or the funny guy, there’s no heartbreak big enough to just cry over and suffer from for months, or years. Life is too short to be spent feeling lonely and miserable. The sooner you can laugh about your pain, the sooner you can let go of the pain.

The pain of rejection, disappointment, and heartbreak hurt just as much. The only difference is that they know the pain will not remain, and that there are brighter and happier days in the offing.

These happy married life messages for that funny girl or funny boy in your life are sure to make them smile or laugh out loud.

Laughter is good for the soul. When you give someone the gift of laughter, you are not only uplifting someone’s spirits but yours as well. Take a look at some of these hilarious messages that wish someone a happy married life.

When the last of the wedding cake has been served and all the wedding toasts have been made, it will finally dawn on you. The wedding is over and tomorrow the real work begins. Congratulations and good luck!


They say that love makes you do all sorts of crazy things. I never would’ve believed it until I heard you were getting married!


I know that he didn’t give you the time of day back then. I’m so glad that we did not let that stop us from completing our mission. Now that I’ve helped you marry him, can you please let me date his brother?


Now that you are husband and wife, may you always share everything with each other, including household chores. May you love each other like it’s your last day on earth, may you live each night like it’s your first.


Now that you’re officially a husband, there will be many things that you will learn in your marriage as the years go by. You will be able to converse with your wife more and get a word in edgewise. Usually it’s “Yes, dear” or “Okay, honey”. Congratulations on your marriage, and all the best wishes to you!

No matter which way you wish someone a happy married life, the important thing is that you do it with positivity and sincerity.

Capitalize on the love and affection that you can see in the couple’s faces and everyone present at the ceremony. Let them know how much their love story has inspired you, and how you only want the best for them today and always. They will certainly remember it forever.

You’re right. Sometimes 14 incredibly touching and beautiful quotes are simply not enough.

Sometimes you need all the warm and beautiful messages of love out there to help you express your exact sentiments.

Which is why here are a few more quotes that can help you wish that very dear couple a happy, healthy, and loving married life!

Here Are Some More of the Best Quotes and Messages…

Whenever I see the both of you, I can’t help but wish that I will also find the kind of love that you two have. Whenever I see you two together, it makes me believe in love at first sight and in happy ever after. I just know that you’ll be the kind of couple who will stay together until they’re old and grey. I’m so glad that you found each other in this lifetime. Best of love and happiness to you!


Because of you two, I’m more convinced than ever that love will always win. I know how hard you fought for each other, and it fills my heart with happiness to know that you are finally getting the happy ending that you deserve. May your married life be even more loving, fulfilling, and lasting!


I followed your love story since your first date. I knew deep inside that you will end up together because of the incredible chemistry that you had. But more than that, it was the way you loved, cherished, and respected each other that convinced me you two are for keeps. My heart overflows with happiness for the both of you. May you always be this happy and this in love with each other.


I can still remember our old conversations when we were both so terrified that we will never find someone we’ll love enough to marry. Yet here we are, and you’re finally starting a life together with the one person you’re destined to be with. I’m over the moon with happiness that you ended up with each other. I know that you’ll be ridiculously happy for a very, very long time.


I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m the happiest person in the world when you told me you’re getting married. I never told you this, but I pretty much you knew you guys were going to end up marrying each other. When you see two people who can generate sparks just by looking at each other, they’re bound to spend the rest of their lives together. I wish nothing but the best for you two. Have a ridiculously happy married life!


There’s no denying the power of your love. It’s an honor to witness you both grow up as individuals and as a couple. I have never met a couple who’s more in love than you, and I just know that your married life will be one for the books. Stay happy, stay true, and stay forever in love!

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